6 Answers

would you buy an ipad in Peurto del Carmen

Asked by: 14th March 2015

and if you would where would you shop or are all electronic shops weary


6 Answers

  1. david charles hind on Mar 14, 2015

    NO !

  2. nigel ball on Mar 14, 2015

    If you are bonkers, yes!

  3. W Middleton on Mar 14, 2015

    NO !

  4. Frank Richmond on Mar 14, 2015

    Joan you’ve been well warned.

    Take it from one who has been conned, had to threaten the shop with the police to get my card back, and had my wife in tears.

    Under no circumstances go near these places.

  5. Steve p on Mar 16, 2015

    Lots of horror stories about those electrical shops so keep as far away as you can

  6. Stephen Andrew Mallon on Mar 16, 2015

    I wouldn’t buy a newspaper in Puerto Del Carmen