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Wind in July ?

Asked by: 14th April 2015

We are going to Puerto del Carmen in July. Its during the windy season (trade winds) in the Canaries…

Will it be chilly in the evening ?


7 Answers

  1. Kitty on Apr 14, 2015


  2. EJPM on Apr 14, 2015

    Most evenings are fine but you can get an odd one where you might want something light to bring with you if needed.

  3. Kevin Burton on Apr 14, 2015

    It will be cooler but hardly chilly. Overnight temperatures in low 20’s. I gladly walk around in shorts and t shirt but some do wear trousers and a light sweater perhaps.

  4. Frank Richmond on Apr 14, 2015

    It’s always breezey but you shouldn’t be cold.

  5. nigel ball on Apr 14, 2015

    Chilly for some, not for others. Temperature between 8pm and 12 midnight is generally around 16-19 degrees. Sitting still at an outdoor restaurant could be slightly chilly in the wind, not freezing but a slight chill. Something over the shoulder would be good if needed.

  6. RAY on Apr 17, 2015

    I have been to Lanzarote many times in July,the weather has always been nice and warm both day and night.but being the weather,cant be guaranteed.

  7. Steve p on Apr 21, 2015

    never had problems with the wind in July always been warm even in the Evenings,