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WiFi Dongle Rental?

Asked by: 7th September 2014

Hi, I am out in Lanzarote very soon and am going to need internet access.  Unfortunately the villa I am staying at doesn’t have WiFi.  Does anybody know where I could rent a dongle from (I am staying near Old Town). Thanks in advance for any help.



10 Answers

  1. Michael on Sep 07, 2014

    These 2 spanish providers offer USB key/modem & internet plan :

    – simyo www.simyo.es
    – yoigo www.yoigo.es

    or also at a main shop of Movistar.es in Arrecife, Playa Honda (Deiland Mall), Puerto del Carmen (Biosfera Mall).

  2. Michael on Sep 07, 2014

    Many hotels (lounges) and bars also provide free internet, probably faster than a dongle.

    • Tom Iles on Sep 09, 2014

      Michael. Wonder if you can help me with some advice please? I may need a permanent internet connection next year and wonder what the best way to go is. I keep getting conflicting advice from people.

      • Michael on Sep 10, 2014

        Fiber optic is scheduled to be available in Playa Honda or Costa Teguise from October/November 2014.

        This option is great if you need a good internet, you can have more details here : https://www.movistar.es/particulares/internet/fibra-optica/ficha-faq/cobertura-de-fibra

      • Michael on Sep 10, 2014

        Vodafone offers also now 4G mobile in Lanzarote, details here : http://www.vodafone.es/conocenos/es/4g-velocidad-conexion-internet/

  3. Tamzin on Sep 07, 2014

    Many thanks for the info Michael

  4. Kevin Burton on Sep 09, 2014

    I have Internet from movistar . I got Internet + free landline calls to other Spanish landlines + free mobile calls to other Spanish mobiles. The speed you get will depend on where your place is. There is no fibre optic in Lanzarote yet and the best speed you are going to get will be 10 meg but many people only get 2meg ,so beware. The price for the above package was 37€ per month. Shop around and see what you can get. This was the best deal available at the time I purchased.

  5. Tom Iles on Sep 10, 2014

    Thanks Michael and Kevin, very helpful. I’m not technically minded but I would have thought installing fibre optic cables is quite time consuming and would not necessarily reach all developments.

  6. Kevin Burton on Sep 10, 2014

    Tom ,this is Lanzarote. How long did it take to resurface the promenade, put the sunbeds back on the beach and rebuild the circumvalacion ? Nothing happens on schedule. If you are prepared to wait for a fairly long period ,it may be worth it .

    • Tom Iles on Sep 10, 2014

      No need to tell me Kevin. Only took me thirty years to get my Escritura.