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why are the sun beds not out ?

Asked by: 10th December 2013 ,


15 Answers

  1. Steve p on Dec 10, 2013

    its because the company who have been running the sunbeds contract has run out and as yet the local council has yet to appoint a new one.
    We were out there the last week in November and then we heard they had only 15 days to remove them from the beaches.
    there saying there will not be any until at least January

    • bruce on Dec 11, 2013

      Thanks all

  2. bruce on Dec 10, 2013

    Thanks wow! were back for 10 days over the new year better buy a lilo then

  3. dave love on Dec 10, 2013

    sorry but what resort are we talking about here please??????

  4. Steve p on Dec 11, 2013

    Costa Teguise

  5. Barry Dunne on Dec 11, 2013

    I was thinking it’s because the weather is lousy for the last and the next few days!
    My Cousin is there at the moment on her first visit and she is not a bit impressed, a chance you take this time of the Year.

    • Steve p on Dec 11, 2013

      nothing to do with the weather Barry

  6. Steve p on Dec 11, 2013

    The contract ran out in 2010 but the company running the sunbeds were still paying the local council then a few weeks back when we were out there we heard that they had been given just 15 days to remove them, I hear that they have put it out to tender again and hopefully there be back in January but we will see,
    there was the same thing in Puerto del Carmen early this year from what I remember they were with out sunbeds for nearly 3 months.
    why they could not wait until a new contract was in place.

    I see from the web cam they have removed the sunbeds in the last few days

  7. john d on Dec 12, 2013

    Although people want sunbeds the amount that was on the beach was excessive everybody says we should support the local economy but by hiring these beds you are not, local shops are suffering have no objection to say 2 rows of sunbeds not 5 or 6 as soon they will cover the whole of the beach above the tide line unless controlled. The price per day is high . I like a beach with plenty of space not full of sunbeds.It looks good as it now.

  8. Steve p on Dec 12, 2013

    I agree with you John d
    We never use them one being the price, but the beach looks much better with out them but I bet some will disagree with us.

  9. Tom Iles on Dec 12, 2013

    I agree that the beach looks better without them but I think some beds are required to try and entice people away from the swimming pools.

  10. David myers on Dec 12, 2013

    Sun beds wont entice people away from swimming pools because they are to expensive
    A family of four on sun beds for a week its as dear as hiring a car
    They should be ashamed

  11. dave love on Dec 12, 2013

    i hope the sunbed situation is sorted by next october 2014 when we come out again. i have a daily plan that my wife has not yet picked up on. my wife gets a sunbed and i go to the Beach Bar, i tell her that i do not like the Beach that much and i get bored. so i go there so that we can still see each other. but if my wife came with me that would cost me a damn site more in drink for her than what the sunbeds do. when my wife starts drinking i need to get another mortgage. It is bad enough in the evening, she can drink me under the table but she never ever gets drunk. So please sort out this sunbed problem before we get out there next year, otherwise i will need to double our spending money

  12. Wendy Middleton on Dec 13, 2013

    You’re so cheeky Dave – I hope that your wife doesn’t look at your post 🙂

    Sometimes I use a sunbed and sometimes I don’t. When my back was bad I did need one every day.

    If we’re not planning to stay on one beach all day, we don’t bother because its too expensive really.

    Nice to have the choice though.

  13. Barry Dunne on Dec 14, 2013

    Two years ago we bought lovely thick Sunbed cushions which we use on the Beach and poolside. We stay in the same place all the time so our landlord minds them for us.

    Cheap and comfortable!