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Who else love Lanzarote as much as me ?

Asked by: 28th January 2015


10 Answers

  1. karen hill on Jan 28, 2015

    I would say everyone who is on Secret Lanzarote, I’m looking forward to going back in March, June & October.

  2. Gill Blakemore on Jan 28, 2015

    A 20+ year fan of Lanzarote but after a couple of mediocre years and two very bad weather experiences (last November and a couple of weeks back) am having second thoughts!!

  3. Tom Iles on Jan 29, 2015

    I agree with Karen but also understand Gill’s comment. The weather worldwide has gone silly and at present sunshine in Lanzarote is not guaranteed all year round. I was lucky, I was there in November just before the bad weather broke.

  4. Gill Blakemore on Jan 29, 2015

    Still love Lanzo though and prepared to give it another chance!! Holidays booked for March and May so fingers x it will be sunshine both times!!

  5. Marian Walker on Jan 29, 2015

    Great holiday Island. Wee were there when the weather was bad in November flight delayed 26 hours, but not put off by that back again in 6 weeks then booked again for November. love the island.

    • Tom Iles on Jan 30, 2015

      Wee Marian? The weather must have been bad.

  6. Joe Strummer on Jan 30, 2015

    Agree with Tom’s comments re the weather – we had some great weather in early January but on the days it wasnt so good – it was cool – not as cold as sunnyGlasgow is at momemt by cold by Lanza standards and that is the coolest I’ve felt it at night for years.

    The thing about the island is – apart from last November – speaking to bar owners etc – bad weather never really lasts too long – even on cloudy and days when it rained we still had spells of sunshine.

    Weather eh – whilst I’d much prefer sunshine on holiday – I’m on holiday and not at work !!

  7. Wendy on Feb 01, 2015

    We love Lanzarote. Looking forward to our next Holiday middle of March. Lets hope its better than November and not a 36 hr delay like last time 🙁

  8. Paul satts on Feb 01, 2015

    What is the temperature at moment in lanza?

  9. Kitty on Feb 01, 2015

    We love Lanzarote too, 33 years and counting. Back at the end of March. We were lucky in November and were there before the bad weather set in but I agree with Joe that as we are on holiday and not at work we don’t really mind what the weather is like, though sunshine is obviously better. It can be hit and miss in March as in November but it’s got to be warmer than the Lake District.