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Which part of Lanzarote ?

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Going to stay in Lanzarote for 1-2 weeks. Which part of Lanzarote is the best to stay (child friendly) ?


10 Answers

  1. EJPM on Aug 13, 2015

    If the children are the priority I would say starting with the youngest ages:

    Costa Teguise
    Playa Blanca
    Puerto del Carmen

  2. Frank Richmond on Aug 13, 2015

    Perhaps you might give the ages of the kids and the type of holiday you are looking for.

  3. David myers on Aug 14, 2015

    Its all child friendly

  4. Kevin Burton on Aug 15, 2015

    I have got to agree with Dave , after all, Spanish people have a much more relaxed attitude to children, especially when dining out.When my children were young, we went to playa Blanca and Costa teguise and the children preferred Costa teguise. As they progressed into their teens, they used to get an occasional taxi into Puerto del Carmen for a late night out. Matagorda is somewhere I have visited and never stayed but would appear to attract the quieter members of the human race .ie pensioners. Good luck with your choice but if I were you , I would choose Costa Teguise because I love it and my children loved it and I am hoping my Grandchildren will love it. Hope you have a lovely time wherever you go.

  5. David Charles Hind on Aug 30, 2015

    Costa Teguise !

  6. Kevin Burton on Aug 30, 2015

    Hi, David , no surprises from you then. When are you out next? No doubt it will be soon. Perhaps we could meet up for a quiet drink again.

  7. Kevin Burton on Sep 01, 2015

    If you would like to suggest a date and venue I would be delighted to meet up for a couple of beers again

  8. Frank Richmond on Sep 01, 2015

    Still strutting your stuff in Jesters Kevin ?

    We’re out on 25th so might bump into you.

  9. Kevin Burton on Sep 01, 2015

    Hi Frank I am in UK at moment but will be in act from 06/09 until who knows when. Will definitely be in Jesters but who knows when. If you want to meet up , keep your eyes open and if DCH comes up with a day/time , we can meet up one afternoon. The more the merrier!