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Which area would you recommend for couples ?

Asked by: 20th March 2015

Costa Teguise ?


19 Answers

  1. david charles hind on Mar 20, 2015

    Costa Teguise

  2. Steve p on Mar 20, 2015

    I second that David Costa Teguise

  3. W Middleton on Mar 20, 2015

    I ‘third’ that 🙂

    It depends what you are looking for in a holiday. We always go to Costa Teguise however do have a drive a couple of times to Playa Blanca (the old part).

    Have a look round on ‘Google Earth’ to see where you like the look of .

  4. jim dolan on Mar 20, 2015

    The whole island is so accessible, and it all depends on what you are looking for, Costa Teguise nice compact resort good food and drink with decent accommodation excellent beaches and water sports.

    Puerto del Carmen big lively resort lots of good bars plenty of night life, excellent food at a great choice of restaurants and quite a few night clubs if that’s your thing

    Playa Blanca on the south of the island as some spectacular beaches also the main harbour for the ferry to Fuerteventura which is certainly worth a visit for a day trip. the main centre is quite compact and some of the bars are very good with great views to Fuerteventura.

    Hire a car and see the hidden gems of this great Island. and I can assure you, you will be back

  5. Frank Richmond on Mar 20, 2015

    Depends on how busy/lively you want it. Do you want night clubs discos etc. or peace and tranquillity. Some good advice above but like the story of the porridge in the 3 bears for me it is as follows:-

    Puerto del Carmen – too hot (big and noisy)

    Playa Blanca – too cold (not enough going on)

    Costa Teguise – just right

  6. David myers on Mar 20, 2015

    Strange that Frank I always think of CT as a ghost town compared to PB
    On my last visit to CT the place was dead but on my return to PB I found
    the bars and restaurants a lot busier and more going on
    Also PB is the only resort with a harbour and a marina as far as I am aware

  7. Eda on Mar 20, 2015

    Been going to CT for 15 years ,everything you want or need there. You don’t need to drive as you can get the bus into Puerto del Carmen ( a bit too hilly for us now we are in our 80s) you don’t need to drive as local buses are cheap and go to Areciffe .Puerto del Carmen and coach trips to Playa Banca are good value .

  8. karen hill on Mar 20, 2015

    Came back from CT on 12th March, found it was much busier than previous years at this time. Like Playa Blanca but would always stay in CT, I agree with Jim, hire a car & see this beautiful island.

  9. Marian Walker on Mar 20, 2015

    Costa Teguise for us we have been to PDC ( not for us) did like PB but heart lies in Costa Teguise but like the rest of the guys have said depends what you are looking for.

  10. Richo on Mar 21, 2015

    I must agree with most people and say CT we have been going there for about 10 years liked it so much just 2 bed apartment on Playa Bastian

  11. Stephen Andrew Mallon on Mar 21, 2015

    CT been going for the last 6yrs great place for couples.

  12. Denise Day on Mar 21, 2015

    We prefer Playa Blanca. Great hotels and a wide choice of apartments. Good choice of restaurants ,the marina area is lovely. Resort is well maintained too. Last year when we spent a day visiting CT we thought it was looking a bit shabby.

  13. Richo on Mar 22, 2015

    Should have read have just brought a 2 bed apartment on Playa Bastian

    • MATT JONES on Mar 22, 2015

      Still wrong Richo. It should be ‘bought’ lol

  14. John Trengrove on Mar 22, 2015

    I to prefer P Blanca lot more class
    Also Matagorda beats CT
    CT looks run down and needing help

  15. tony rutherford on Mar 22, 2015

    was in ct last week and def NOT looking shabby

  16. tony rutherford on Mar 22, 2015

    the more i go (been 20 0dd times) the more i luv it

  17. nigel ball on Mar 22, 2015

    Has to be Matagorda, don’t see the fascination with PB or CT.

  18. John Trengrove on Mar 22, 2015

    Matagorda did a week there over xmas superb every thing you need