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Where’s everybody gone?

Asked by: 4th December 2015

Seems hardly anyone comes on Secret Lanzarote to ask questions, or interact these days. I wonder if it is because the webcam is no longer ‘live’? Do miss it, but still have the picture on every day, even if it is out of date!


11 Answers

  1. Joe Strummer on Dec 04, 2015

    Jackie – was thinking that myself over the past few weeks now – we will be visiting for our January break soon and was hoping that we could visit the site and get some updates from the regulars about new bars/eateries or existing ones that have improved or gone down hill and any other general goss.

  2. Kitty on Dec 04, 2015

    I’ve also been thinking the same thing. It’s a shame that only two of the webcams work though as they draw people in. Perhaps people have given up because its the same old pictures every day.

  3. Sue on Dec 05, 2015

    I think that more people are using the Need To Know pages on Facebook now, as I think they reach a greater number of people and you’re more likely to get a quick answer. I live in Lanzarote and I still dip into this page every day to see if there are any questions that I can answer, but I have also noticed how quiet it has been lately.

  4. STEWIE on Dec 06, 2015

    Try the skyline webcam for a decent live view

  5. Barry Dunne on Dec 06, 2015

    The skyline is great quality but people are far away, it’s much better to see the beach properly.

  6. Tom Iles on Dec 07, 2015

    I agree. I miss the webcam. I stay in a place overlooking Cucharas beach and it’s nice to see what I’m missing. Incidentally, I was out there in November and noticed it was a lot busier than normal. I think that was partly due to problems in Egypt and Turkey etc. Has anyone else noticed this?

  7. nigel ball on Dec 08, 2015

    Trip Advisor travel forums are a good place to glean information. Obviously Trip Advisor is well known worldwide, Secretlanzarote.com is not publicised to a wide audience.

  8. David myers on Dec 08, 2015

    I think the webcam is missed by all but in my opinion the main problem is down to the stupid questions that were being asked on a very regular basis
    It was as though the people asking the questions were making them as stupid as possible and the give away was you never heard from them again
    This I feel drove away the regulars that contributed on all topics
    One other point I feel needs mentioning is when questions were asked regards other resorts (not CT) the response was mostly very poor
    Lets hope things improve

  9. Barry Dunne on Dec 10, 2015

    Surely you miss the Questions, “What will the weather be like next week,will i need raingear”

  10. Michael Rigby on Dec 10, 2015

    If you sign into this site , click webcam . You will see a still pic but if you move down the page and click ” beach Bar cam 1 ” you will get the live cam again.