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Where Popeyes Bar is ?

Asked by: 3rd August 2011

Hi Anyone know where Popeyes Bar is and the names of the bars and restraunts around it?




4 Answers

  1. Paul D on Aug 03, 2011

    Hi Stephen…
    Im not sure how many Popeyes bars there are on the Island but the one i know and which most people would know is “Popeyes” in Playa Blanca. . Its near the Harbour ( to the left ) and is up some steps overlooking the general harbour/ferry terminal area.. Lots of sports shown there on multiple televisions situated around the bar..

    Theres various snacks & drinks as you would expect and you can even purchase a full roast chicken to take out if your doing a sunday roast back at your appartment / villa . . . Not that youd be doing that if the suns out and your chilling by the beach !

    Popeyes has been there for years… Well known in the locality, , you wont have much trouble finding it !

    Hope this helps.

  2. John Williamson on Aug 03, 2011

    I am assuming you mean Popeyes in Costa Teguise. If you are it is in the Las Cucharas Shopping Centre which is opposite the Los Zocos. If you go through the entrance next to Spar and go right through the centre Popeyes is on the right just above the beach.

  3. Karen on Aug 03, 2011

    The Popeyes in CT was open last time I was there in July – its as John said just past the supermarket (though its a Hiper Dino not Spar!!!)

  4. John Williamson on Aug 03, 2011

    Oops forgot it had changed its name.