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where is the nearest shop/supermarket from lanzarote paradise apartments costa teguise?

Asked by: 11th March 2011


7 Answers

  1. Stephen Humphreys on Mar 11, 2011

    We have been to the Lanz twice in the last 3 years. Supermarket on site is basic and expensive. Nearest one as far as im aware is about 15mins walk. Go down the slope from hotel as far as the Mill Hotel. Take a left on the main road and take your first right,down the slope about 200m and the supermarket is on the corner. Do your shopping and walk back to the Mill and have a cold pint of lager. thats my shoppng advice.

    • michelle on Mar 12, 2011

      thanks stephen. r the apartments ok? have read sum good an sum bad reports. am travelling in august with my partner an 2 children aged 12 an 8. any nice places to eat that you wld recommend.

      • Stephen Humphreys on Mar 13, 2011

        Hi Michelle. The apartments are fine, all you need is there. The TV you have to pay for but you not there long anyway. Its clean and tidy we had a couple of cockroaches the first year but we were on the ground floor then and they would come in under the door. We didnt have any when we were on the first floor. A beer was 2.70 euro,so a bit expensive but you can get it cheeper in town. Loads of places to eat in town, you got to try some of the chinese,the Slow Boat is very good. Watch out for the texmex places they are expensive and charge you for bread as well. Go to the square in town,always something going on. Try the Snug, In on the Square, Bluebells, Ryans Bar, FuelStop. We are out there on August 14th for two weeks, cant wait. We usually go out in Octobers it will be a bit bussier i guess. The waterpark is brill,i think it cost 72 euro for two adults and two kids for the day. may see you there. If i had u email i wouldsend you a map ive done of the bars and restraunts. have a great time.

        • michelle on Mar 15, 2011

          thanks for all the info. we going 4 august to 18th so prob c u there. do u have facebook so u cld send me email that way. dont want tp put it on here for everyone to see or is there another way – sorry not very good with computers!!

      • Stephen Humphreys on Mar 16, 2011

        Hi Michelle, Im not on Facebook but my wife is although we dont know how to use it very well. Anyway,you will have lots of bars and places to eat in Town. There are a couple of smallish amusements in town and a couple of bungys for kids. Tenpin bowling above the chinese restraunts by the park. There are bars and restaurants in Playa Bastian as well,which is on your way into town. We always walked in via the promenade and got a taxi back at night. Taxi was 3 or 4 euro,its not even 5mins in taxi. We always get a safe deposit box at the Lanz. I think it was 24 euro for the week but you get 10 euro back when you hand the key back in. Happy hour was 5 till 6,buy 1 get1 free. Skysports on TV on bar. There are books and magazines in reception which you can borrow while you are there.

  2. GAIL on Mar 11, 2011

    as mentioned above this is the nearest supermarket to lanz paradise it is actually opposite the entrance to playa bastion complex, it is quite a big store for cota teguise and cheaper than those in the centre, it is a nice walk but if carrying heavy bottle of water or pop quite a walk back as it is uphill. although it is a nice walk