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Where is P20 sunscreen available to buy in Costa Teguise?

Asked by: 4th June 2014

Hi everyone,

Where can I buy P20 sunscreen in Costa Teguise?  It was freely available up to 2 years ago but I could not find it anywhere last year!





7 Answers

  1. steven regan on Jun 04, 2014

    try boots when you fly out got ours from dutyfree

  2. EJPM on Jun 05, 2014

    Thanks Steven. I have seen it in duty free but it was always much cheaper to buy in the shops in Lanzarote.

  3. paul on Jun 05, 2014

    I’m sure i have seen it whilst being dragged around the perfume shops, as for cost i couldn’t tell you, sorry.

  4. EJPM on Jun 06, 2014

    Thanks Paul. Was that recently?

  5. paul on Jun 07, 2014

    Last September

  6. paul on Jun 07, 2014

    Sorry that should of been September 2012, loosing track of time here.

  7. dave love on Jun 17, 2014

    hi, have you tried looking at Amazon, or even Ebay. they do have loads of offers on these sites for this product. I have even seen it in Savers shops, not sure if you have one of these near you at all. what sort of price do you normally pay and for what size????