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Where in CT is the best place to buy meat for a BBQ ?

Asked by: 3rd August 2011

We are staying in a villa in the las calas area soon and would like to have a BBQ one day. None of the supermarkets seem to cater for BBQing unless you want frozen burgers etc. Do any of the supermarkets serve fresh meat or fish ?


7 Answers

  1. steve on Aug 03, 2011

    The Eurospar near El Palmeral stocks all types of fresh meat and some fish.The Hiperdino and the Spar in Costa center both stock fresh meat but i think the fish is only frozen in both. The best thing to do is hire a car and travel down to Ropers in Playa Honda and buy in bulk from there.

  2. Karen on Aug 03, 2011

    Agree with Steve – the meat counter in the Euro Spar always looks very good – the also have quite a reasonable selection of frozen meat.

  3. Kitty on Aug 03, 2011

    Go to the fish market in Arrecife. You will find all sorts of stuff but you will have to go in the morning before they sell out.

  4. jude on Aug 03, 2011

    hyperdino around the corner from you has a fresh meat counter with allsorts of stuff you can bbq,and next to the counter is a fridge with pre packed ( fresh) bbq style meats and kebabs.the spar further along does similar,but for fish you have to travel to eurospar.

  5. Tracy R on Aug 04, 2011

    Thanks everyone that is really helpful. Last time we were there the supermarket Jude talks about was Netto, so looking forward to visiting it now it has changed hands and seems to have a better range of food.

  6. James Riordan on Aug 04, 2011

    No excuses now lazybones

  7. jude on Aug 04, 2011

    glad to help now wheres’s the invite!! lol x