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Where have all the beach loungers gone?

Asked by: 9th June 2014


9 Answers

  1. Steve p on Jun 10, 2014

    There are many posts of this topic back in May and April on the Sun Loungers.

    they are set to return at some point

  2. dave love on Jun 10, 2014

    as steve states there have been many many questions on this subject, you could probably now write a book on this subject. all of the sunbeds were removed from the beach at the start of the year. the company that used to manage them lost the contract with the local council. the last time I spoke to the local tourism office, they informed me that the new contract should be up and running for June and all of the sunbeds back by June. but they did not say what year, so do not hold your breath. that is all I can tell you at the moment

  3. Fred on Jun 13, 2014

    Where have all the Sunloungers gone, long time passing?
    Where have all the Sunloungers gone, long time ago?
    Where have all the Sunloungers gone?
    English Chavs ‘ave nicked ’em, every one.
    Oh, when will they ever learn?
    Oh, when will they ever learn?

    Apologies to Peter, Paul & Mary……

  4. Tom Iles on Jun 14, 2014

    Well done Fred, I like it. Actually the truth is rather more mundane. The Costa Teguise sun loungers are a very rare breed that actually migrate North to cooler climes in the Spring. They can now be found in such exotic places as Clacton and Cleethorpes. If you were really sharp eyed you would have seen one in the background on the recent Springwatch programme.

  5. Steve p on Jun 27, 2014

    latest on sun beds is mid July but that’s not a guarantee

  6. dave love on Jun 27, 2014

    Steve, I bet they still did not say what year though!!!!!!

    • Steve p on Jun 27, 2014

      That they Don’t Dave just says 15th to 20th of July subject to all the legal bits and bobs

      We are out there in October so might just be lucky to see them but we will see

  7. dave love on Jun 27, 2014

    we are also there in October, hope I can also see them as well, but from a bar or two!!!!

  8. Steve p on Jun 27, 2014

    We will not be using them so if they are there or not It wont bother me one bit like you I will view them from a bar or two