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whats the weather like in september ?

Asked by: 2nd September 2012


5 Answers

  1. John on Sep 02, 2012

    I was in CT last Sept 10th-20th and could be a little overcast in mornings but by 11 ish had cleared and mostly clear skies with the odd cloud. Temps were in the upper 20’s to low 30’s
    and still pleasantly warm on the evenings

  2. Tracy R on Sep 02, 2012

    I think September is a lovely time of year to go. As John said it can be cloudy for a few hours in the morning but very pleasant for the rest of the day . Temps in the high 20’s and warm enough in the evening to go out without a jacket. We have been twice in September and each time there was no wind unlike other times of the year we have been. It is my favorite time of year to go.

  3. Mrs G Landers on Sep 03, 2012

    weather is September should be lovely we have been that time off year and it is a lot warmer then april/may. You may need a cardigan in the evening though.

  4. tony rutherford on Sep 06, 2012

    boiling at the minute

  5. mal on Sep 07, 2012

    Weve just came bk and its redhot. Hardly any breeze and well in its 30’s.