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whats the weather like in dec and whats it like staying there at xmas/nyear ?

Asked by: 30th July 2011

Hi we are going for xmas and new year. How close is it to the beach? whats the weather like in dec and whats it like staying there at xmas/nyear?




9 Answers

  1. jude on Jul 30, 2011

    it helps if you actually state where it is you are staying?? weather wise its warm/sunny during the day and cool to chilly at night,you will normally need a jacket or jumper at night but it’s possible to sunbathe most days. xmas /new year is busy out here wit lots of local xmas festivals going on around the isalnd.

  2. michelleharrison on Jul 30, 2011

    Thanks for that, we are staying at the oasislanz club, costa teguise. 2, adults 1,19yr old daughter & 1,10yr old son. Is it livelier than fuerteventura ? where we stayed last xmas.Thanks again.

  3. jude on Jul 30, 2011

    lol ! you are right next to the beach,just right out of the hotel and down the street is punto jablillo beach,then opposite and 5 mins in las chucharas beach.cant compare it with fuerteventura never been there at xmas,but all the bars restaurants etc are open and lots of tourists here to aviod the winter! xmas day itself is quiet as the canarians/spanish celebrate the night before,most people are on the beach on the 25th,new year there are lots fo bi fireworks displays the main one on the beach from the melia salinas hotel and then on the 5th of jan (evening before of 6th of january which is kings day and the true spanish xmas) there is a parade thro the streets of the 3 wise men on camels with sweets and pressies for the children.
    not sure what you like in way of entertainment but you are right in the centre of town so sure you will find something to suit,happy hols

  4. michelleharrison on Jul 30, 2011

    Thank you that sounds great

  5. David myers on Jul 31, 2011

    Hope you do get good weather but thers no guarantee, last year in Feb it was cold and rainy for 2 weeks we have friends who were there, and they were really upset if you get good weather its just a bonus

  6. michelleharrison on Jul 31, 2011

    No we wont be disappointed, we’re going for a break and to get away from it all. Good weather will be an added bonus. Thank You

  7. Michele Reid on Aug 10, 2011

    I stayed at the Sands Beach resort over new year 2 years ago – during the day it was hot enough to sunbathe, at nights chilly so need a cardy, thin jacket. Can be a bit chilly if the wind gets up but beats the britsh weather any time of year! Hope you enjoy it.

  8. Peter on Aug 11, 2011

    Hi Michelle – re. the weather in december, Jude, calling herself a “Lanzarote Expert” (???), mentioned that weatherwise it’s warm/sunny during the day.
    However, we have visited Lanzarote over the last 7 years – incl. december – and will just inform you that during december/january there may come days with big black clouds and pouring rain. However, normally after 10-20 minutes it stops – it’s sunny – later another shower etc. In one of our december visits we stayed inside the hotel for 2 days as the heavy rain just went on and on – thereafter, sunny and warm.
    Hope it won’t happen to you – Lanzarote is really a lovely place – we will be there again in 20 days time – Peter.

  9. David myers on Aug 11, 2011

    Agree with your comments Peter nice to hear someone being honest