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What’s the best way of travelling to Timanfaya National Park from Costa Teguise?

Asked by: 23rd January 2011

Hi there, are there excursions available, should I hire a car or is there public transport to get to the national park from Costa Teguise? I arrive in a week and can’t wait!


7 Answers

  1. Martha on Jan 23, 2011

    I would hire a car, its a great way to discover the island.

  2. Jake Norrish on Jan 23, 2011

    Thanks for the advice Martha, do you or does anyone else know the best car hire place in Costa Teguise? I’ve got transfers arranged, so don’t need one from the airport.

  3. Michael on Jan 23, 2011

    Have a look at right column “topics” on the homepage of this site, if you select “car hire”, you will get past answers/questions about the topic. If not enough, you can then post another question. Have a nice trip to Lanzarote 😉

  4. Jake Norrish on Jan 23, 2011

    Thanks Michael.

  5. john on Jan 23, 2011

    I rent cars at the canaries for over 5 years there
    they are the cheapest and have a good service

  6. Mark on Jan 24, 2011

    If you dont want to hire a car go on a half day coach tour which also takes in a visit to a vineyard.
    We picked up a tour from a chap selling tours on the promenade which was very good value. Tour was excellent and much cheaper than through the holiday rep.

  7. Iain Ogden on Feb 14, 2011

    Jake, there are care hire places in most of the resorts. The only tip I have for the Timanfaya park is to go early because they queue on the road for a good while. Once in though it’s well worth the €7 entry fee.