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what tobbacco can you fetch back to england ?

Asked by: 17th October 2013

and also what is the weather in december ?


30 Answers

  1. Jill Clash on Oct 17, 2013

    250grams of tobacco

  2. rita evans on Oct 18, 2013

    thank you

  3. Barry Dunne on Oct 20, 2013

    Depending on how strict the customs are in your airport you could chance a bit more for your own use.
    i usually bring Three 10x 50 grammes pouch tobacco with no problems.

  4. Jill Clash on Oct 20, 2013

    It’s whether you want to take the risk, going back on a late flight you’re more likely to get away with it but they tend to check more day flights as they are used to people trying to go over the limit then claiming ‘but it’s Spain’

  5. Joe Strummer on Oct 21, 2013

    the same as you can take back to Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland I would imagine ! – as others say if you want to try a little more then go for it – problem is my wife looks guilty even if she’s on the limit !!!!!

  6. Jill Clash on Oct 21, 2013

    I always looked guilty and got pulled at Cardiff Airport. I had a nice customs person who when he saw my name asked if I had a cousin who played rugby, I did, I was so lucky. The other guy who was pulled has all his confiscated.

  7. Marian Walker on Oct 21, 2013

    Well said Joe I was going to say the same as the rest of the UK but my husband said don’t bother. I would not risk taking extra as they take take lot away.

  8. H R H on Oct 22, 2013

    Dont bother with bringing any back. It is bad for your chest and general health.

  9. Barry Dunne on Oct 22, 2013

    BTW,you also inquired about the weather, we answered the important question first lol

    Still warm by Day but can be chilly by night.

  10. H R H on Oct 22, 2013

    Barry Dunne Your answer has no relation to the question. Have you been smoking the wacky baccy or are you on smack. ?

  11. Jill Clash on Oct 22, 2013

    Barry is the only one to answer Rita’s question in full, who’s on the wacky? Or are you not wearing your specs?

  12. Fred on Oct 23, 2013

    I always despair when I see questions like this.

    Lanzarote is a lovely island noted for health benefits and lots of sporting activities. It is a cheap area for alcohol and tobacco products too.

    A free country I know but to be so preoccupied with a product and vice that kills you eventually is completely incomprehensible to me.

  13. Jill Clash on Oct 23, 2013

    Each to their own Fred. I gave up smoking 3 years ago but wouldn’t want to tell anyone else what to do as sometimes I could still kill for a cigarette.
    I live on beautiful Lanzarote, but worked in the NHS for 26 years and people die, some are smokers and some are not, I’ve known many cancer patients who’ve said ‘ why me I’ve never smoked or drank.’

  14. H R H on Oct 23, 2013

    Jill ,I Iost a very good friend to smoking last year. He had run out of gigs and ran across the road to the shop to buy some more and was hit by a bus and died. It has always been maintained that if he didnt smoke he would have no reason to cross the road.Please, if you start again make sure you have plenty of cigs on you and if you need to cross the road remember the green cross code.

  15. Fred on Oct 23, 2013

    Wise words but I lost my Dad to Emphysema over 30 years ago, entirely due to smaoking roll ups. The sort of thing the hardened smokers do. He used to be a very fit man and represented England in the 1948 Olympics. The last 10 years of his life were too dreadful to describe. Forgive me but when I see people sharing their craving so lightly and with the ignorance that goes with it, I have to say something, which I have done. Apologies…

  16. John Trengrove on Oct 23, 2013

    I like what you say Fred. My dislike is exhaled smoke blown in your face when you’re eating. Really gets to me. It should not be allowed where there is food.
    Jill, we all know some smokers live to a good old age but they are still coughing up there guts for most of the day, cant be good for you.

  17. Jill Clash on Oct 23, 2013

    No good using the crossings in Lanza then, but I hope I stay strong. I agree what you say about the smoke John, you know what they say about reformed smokers being the worse, the smell of smoke makes me feel sick, but at least there is no smoking in restaurants these days. I also agree that a smokers cough sounds horrible, but I still believe you can’t dictate to others and believe me it’s not an easy addiction to give up, it’s mental and physical. I was very lucky we had a smoking cessation nurse at our hospital and I had pills to help. As far as the mental bit well…………..

  18. david charles hind on Oct 23, 2013

    everyone gives up smoking one day

  19. Jill Clash on Oct 24, 2013

    And on that profound statement let this be finished. Rita asked a simple question probably didn’t expect lectures

  20. David myers on Oct 24, 2013

    That statement comes after you tell everyone your now a none smoker and where you worked for 26 years not really an answer to the question more of a lecture

  21. dave love on Oct 24, 2013

    i think enough has been said now, this site is supposed to be informative about the lovely island of Lanzarote, people ask questions about this island and expect to get answers relative to there questions, but just lately the answers are going away from the the actual question asked, this site is getting worse than twitter and facebook, can everybody stop having a go each other and reply decently to the question asked.

  22. Jill Clash on Oct 24, 2013

    Last comment: David Myers READ my first comment, this answered Rita’s question (250gms). I do not lecture only state my own opinions, which I believe I’m still entitled to do. I think it’s up to the individual to make up their own minds whether they smoke or not, and before anyone comes back with comments about the cost to the NHS think of people who are overweight, heavy drinkers, drug addicts or lunatic drivers drunk or otherwise.

  23. H R H on Oct 24, 2013

    Jill,David Meyers reply has really upset you .You seem to have the bit between your teeth this time.

  24. Jill Clash on Oct 24, 2013

    No not really H R H , I’m sitting here in the sun relaxing, It just gets me sometime when other try to force their viewpoint, let’s face none of us are perfect or completely innocent and I’ve been on both sides of the smoking argument.
    Can’t get too bothered when you’re lucky enough to retire to a beautiful island like this.

  25. David myers on Oct 24, 2013

    Jill your lecturing again you should chill out if your sat in the sun and enjoy or are you thinking about gigs don’t be tempted
    Plus in your words you say on that profound statement let this be finished but your still going on

  26. Fred on Oct 24, 2013

    Well done Jill for giving up the vile addiction. Not easy I know

    I too hate having to inhale some thoughtless person tobacco smoke whilst dining al fresco.

    Afreedom to choose but not to inflict I think

  27. H R H on Oct 24, 2013

    Well fred . nicely put but I think Jill will give in and have the odd cig now and again when she needs a fix. the best way not to start is to think about all that black tar in your lungs.Come on Jill out with the truth I bet you like it now and again

  28. Jill Clash on Oct 24, 2013

    Thanks Fred, No H the last cig I had was 21st March 2010, not even one puff since them but I have thought about it quite a few times especially when dealing with people like David Myers, but it’s not worth having one ’cause we all know where that leads.

  29. david charles hind on Oct 24, 2013

    No smoking allowed in tesco fred :0)

  30. David myers on Oct 25, 2013

    Careful HRH you may push Jill back on the fags she admits she as thought about it a few times and you wont get a better deal on 200 cigs than in Lanzarote