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What time does it get dark in Feb?

Asked by: 26th January 2011

Hi everyone, I was just wondering what time does it get dark over there in Feb?


4 Answers

  1. carole cooper on Jan 26, 2011

    when it’s just got dark in england, check the web cam,and you will see it get dark in real time in lanzarote.you’ll also notice their sun is still up,and the mornings get brighter quicker. happy hols

  2. Lesley on Jan 26, 2011

    About 7.30 🙂

  3. carole cooper on Jan 27, 2011

    sun set tonight 6-28pm

  4. Michael on Jan 27, 2011

    A calendar 2011 is available at page “Weather”, link under current sunset/sunrise.