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What kind of nightlife/entertainment in Costa Teguise for us and young teenagers ?

Asked by: 4th July 2012


21 Answers

  1. Ken on Jul 04, 2012

    Hi Jo. Fancy meeting you here !!!!

    Never stayed in CT so cannot comment we always go to PDC stay in around the Old Town
    Far better than CT in my opinion.

    All the best restaurants as well…

  2. Rachael on Jul 05, 2012

    CT is much better for young teenagers than PDC as it always seems a bit safer (maybe that’s just me though). I’m going with 4 16 yr olds on 15th July and I’m hoping that the bars, water park, pool & beach will keep them occupied so that my husband & I can laze around for 10 days!

  3. David myers on Jul 05, 2012

    Dont agree CT is safer than PDC all the island is safe its not fair to say that unless you have had a problem in PDC also 16 yr olds should nt be going in bars without adults that could end up a problem

  4. Rachael on Jul 05, 2012

    I personally found PDC a bit threatening – I didn’t say it wasn’t safe and I did make it clear that it was my opinion not a fact. Why can’t 16 yr olds go in bars without adults, and why could it end up a problem?

  5. David myers on Jul 05, 2012

    What do you mean by threatening ? 16 yr olds in a bar no adult not hard to work out

  6. Rachael on Jul 05, 2012

    Just found it a bit too “stag do-ish” really. As I said, maybe it’s just not my kind of place. I still don’t see the problem with 16 yr olds in bars. Did you wait until your 18th birthday to go in a bar? Who says they’ll be drinking alcohol anyway? My children and their friends know how to behave so I don’t envisage a problem

  7. David myers on Jul 05, 2012

    Dont sound threatning to me just watch the bars empty to see how 16 yr olds and alcohol mix but hopefully yours are not like that

  8. H R H on Jul 05, 2012

    Some 16yr olds have beeen bought up to act in a decent manner. Give them some respect and the will not give any trouble. Let them do as they like to a degree , have a beer but dont go overboard.

  9. Jo on Jul 05, 2012

    Thanks for your comments, I think I may have worded my question wrong tho! I meant nightlife/entertainment for the whole family to enjoy, not my teenagers going off alone.

  10. Rachael on Jul 05, 2012

    @David – no, my children aren’t like that
    @HRH – the voice of reason
    @Jo – there’s entertainment in most of the bars (singers & bands) they have lilve music in the square but, typically I can’t remeber what night that is! Have a lovely holiday

  11. David myers on Jul 05, 2012

    My last reply on this subject still dont agree with the comments regards PDC its no worse or better than CT
    Also the second comment was you will be round the pool while the teenagers would be in the BARS water park pool and beech your words not mine
    I am not suggesting your teenagers have not been brought up with no manners and i feel sure they can be well behaved
    Have a good holiday

  12. Steamy on Jul 05, 2012

    Don’t forget, it’s illegal for 16 year olds to be left unsupervised (by an adult) in bars.

  13. Rachael on Jul 05, 2012

    Well Steamy, you certainly live and learn. Thanks for that bit of info, looks like they’ll be tied to my apron strings a bit more than they’d like. Mind you, I’ve seen loads of teenagers in bars without adults – maybe some are more lenient than others? Pleeeeeease tell me that this rule doesn’t apply to water parks though!!!!

  14. michael watson on Jul 05, 2012

    In spanish water parks teenagers , by law have to be handcuffed to parents. Also shackeled at ankles. Failure to do so has a penalty of immediate deportation by ryanair. Oh and i forgot to mention their mouths also have to be sewn shut. HAHAHAHA.

  15. Ken on Jul 05, 2012

    Oh it’s all happining here today. Sorry to mention PDC and start a row.
    Ok it is a bit lively come midnight and after down the strip but kids are welcome at sensible hours in any pub. The clubs are a different story, are there any clubs in CT?

    As I said Old Town is great for families or singles alike. Our eldest is 17 so will be buying me a pint in 1 1/2 weeks. Will be there the same time as you Rachael !!

    By the way the water park is not good gets bad reviews and is expensive..


  16. Kevin Burton on Jul 05, 2012

    Rachael, I think that you have been given a bit of a hard time here. Yes your children can go into bars in costa teguise, many offer non alcoholic cocktails for the younger generation. Many offer some sort of entertainment and there is entertainment in the square one night a week. I also agree with your preference for c.t.as Pdc is a place where your children would be more likely to get in trouble if let out alone at night. I hope you enjoy your holiday. We have been going to ct since our children were teenagers and they are both now 30 yrs old.
    I would like to say ,in my defence, that this is only my humble opinion and I am open minded enough to allow others to have theirs.

  17. Frank on Jul 05, 2012

    Michael, you voice the sentiments of many I’m sure. Personally I think all teenagers should be kept in PDC and leave CT to those of us who prefer a ‘quieter’ holiday.

    PDC is certainly a lot busier and has a lot more buzz !!!!! I don’t fancy having the problem again of keeping young teenagers happy ………. from my own experience I found it a nightmare. Glad mine are past that now. They get bored sitting in bars with family entertainment and are too young to out clubbing on their own.

    I’ve stayed in both resorts and found both safe. It can’t be denied though that there are more disco bars, nightclubs etc in PDC.

    Personally I think CT is best for couples and families with young children and PDC for families with teenagers and young adults looking for what I call boom-boom bars.

    No doubt others will disagree.

  18. ian on Jul 05, 2012

    jo, have a good holiday with your kids and rachael dont let dave myers wind you up.

  19. Ken on Jul 05, 2012

    I disagree Frank our kids are 17/11/9 and we love PDC have done for 7 years now.
    We are not party animals either.

  20. Rachael on Jul 06, 2012

    Well, poor Jo – asked an innocent question and sparked the Leveson enquiry #2!!!!!
    @Ian – ta, but I find it difficult to be wound up by someone who mixes “beech” with “beach”
    @Frank – I promise that my kids & their friends will behave
    @Kevin – I too love CT and go there every year on a girls holiday. This is the last time my twins will be coming with us and the next step will be them going on holidays with friends. I want to make sure that they see a holiday that isn’t falling out of nightclubs but is a bit civilised can be fun too
    Happy hols everyone as we all sit here listening to the rain bouncing off every surface

  21. Barry White on Jul 19, 2012

    Can’t comment on PDC beacuse we’ve never been there to stay but CT has Saxo’s which is a “family bar” up to 10pm then the fun kicks in until 3am – loud music and kare-oke etc. Jesters is another late bar but I’ve never been in so can’t comment on what it’s like. La Vida (behind Punta Jablillo) is another late night music bar.