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what is the current exchange rate in local electric stores ?

Asked by: 1st September 2012


6 Answers

  1. mike leacy on Sep 01, 2012

    hi bill,wots an electric store,lanzarote is a holiday isle .

    • bill henderson on Sep 02, 2012

      thanks mike i am well .aware lanzarote is a holiday isle ,by electric store i meant the numerous shops that sell,cameras,ciggys and of course numerous electric goods,hope this clears up your confusion

  2. david charles hind on Sep 01, 2012

    I think he means the asian ciggy shops

  3. nick wright on Sep 02, 2012

    Hi bill I’m in pdc now and I’m getting 1.24 to the pound cheers nick

    • bill henderson on Sep 02, 2012

      thanks nick that certainly better than current uk rates.

  4. Paul D on Sep 02, 2012

    Maybe the question is just phrased wrong…

    If Bill had said ,, “Watts the charge in the local electrical store ? ” We would naturally all have answered ,, 220 volts ? lol

    As it stands i presume he means currency at the many controversial Asian camera stores ? As David mentioned…