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What is required to rent an Apt in Lanzarote?? Licence??

Asked by: 16th March 2011

Just wondering what Licence is required to rent out Apt and anything else?? thanks


5 Answers

  1. Lanzarote Business Association on Mar 17, 2011

    At the moment it is considered illegal in Lanzarote to rent out an apartment for a holiday let. They are looking at legalising it, but this process could take a long time!

    If you want to rent out an apartment long term, then you have to get a Spanish rental agreement drawn up.

  2. gordon on Mar 17, 2011

    letting to your friends and family is ok. and friends of friends etc 😉

  3. Lanzarote Business Association on Mar 18, 2011

    Unfortunately, you are not able to “let” your apartment to anyone, but you can lend it to them free of charge, unless you have a tourist licence.

  4. Hedley Smith on Mar 20, 2011

    Mucho euros,nothing else

  5. gordon on Mar 20, 2011

    ok sorry, lets re-phrase this……. you can let ya mates have your appartment for free [wink wink] but they pay for your drinks etc.. no money changes hands [allegedly]