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what is it like at the el trebol ?

Asked by: 23rd December 2011 , ,

hi, we have been to the el trebol before about 10 years ago, can anyone tell me what it is like now for all inclusive and what facilities they now have

there are 6 of us going all 30+, i am oldest at 65 but we like a laugh, cheers


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  1. gordon on Dec 23, 2011

    this has been discussed so many times on here, and last time, some 1 didnt like my comments, and he was pretty childish about it.
    personaly i havnt stayed there, reason 1, ive heard bad reviews, 2 the food is rubbish.
    but it is cheap….
    now dont hold me to this as im just passing on info.
    we never go all inc, wer not drinkers, and like to sample the local stuff and chinese buffets.

    • jon read on Jan 01, 2012

      i and my family have stayed 4 times at this hotel and have never found anythingb wrong with it when we first atyed we had a daughter of 8 then when it went up to 12 yrs old we couldnt afford to stay there then my little boy came along so we satay self cat now as it works out cheaper .costa teguise is lovely and we have been goin for 7 years in a row now so we love it .its our second home so i think the el trebol is fine

    • peter on Jan 04, 2012

      been abroad 19 times food at le trebol is as good as i have had got back on new years day
      lovley place.i would go there again,drinks are good aswell you dont have to wait long at bar
      staff top notch

  2. Chris Phillips on Dec 23, 2011

    We have been staying at Trebol for a number of years never on an All inc basis, normally on half board which they now no longer do. As far as facilities drinks for All inc are served in plastic vending cups that include the bar at night, you only get a glass in the restaurant, food ok. The evening entertainment is very limited seemed very poor kid’s disco bingo etc. There are a couple of bars near that have nightly entertainment Cactus Jacks & Legends plus a couple of small bars. Any thing else you want to know just ask, we will be going to Costa Teguise again in Feb but staying at the other side of the resort

  3. anthony simester on Dec 24, 2011

    I have found out from some nice people on here about the various entertainment near to the el trebol from some lovely people on here but what is the adult entertainment like at the hotel, ten years ago when we last went there it was brilliant
    they only did half board in those days and it was excellent but it now looks like they are catering for the drinkers which would be a shame
    anything you can tell me about the el trebol good or bad will be gratefully received, thanks

  4. Karen on Dec 24, 2011

    According to their website
    accomodation only is still available from the following dates 30/03/2012 to 31/10/2012
    I’ve stayed there and the rooms were very nice – you got a few english channels on the tv at no charge – but you do have to pay to hire a Kettle and toaster – the entertainment is the same as in most hotels – when I stayed (only 3 nights) I went half board as it only cost me £14 extra per night for 2 of us.
    I wouldn’t have a problem stayingthere again – but would like to say that there are more bars than the 2 opposite each other that most people tend to head for (nothing wrong with them) – so take a walk around as there are loads of places to eat and loads of bars.

  5. Chris Phillips on Dec 24, 2011

    as far as we could make out there was no adult entertainment at nights that is why we never used the bar. Some one described it to be like butlins in there, the apartments at the Trebol are basic (probably not changed since you were last there) and could do with a refurb, any thing you want kettle TV etc you have to hire. If you go out & about there are a number of places within walking distance with entertainment but as you are AI it not much consolation to you.
    I’m afraid as far as we are concerned AI is slowly killing the resort but each to their own.

    • anthony simester on Dec 24, 2011

      thanks to everyone on here for their help we do appreciate it, looks like we might be spending our time roaming around the resort in order to find entertainment which isnt what you want when you have paid for all inclusive but eh, we will be in the sun so a few extra hundred quid wont hurt any of us. thanks for all the help once again and have a nice xmas everyone and an even better new year

    • jon read on Jan 01, 2012

      i couldnt agree more we have been going for several years now and when we first went to costa teguise we stayed self cat at the el trebol and we found several lovely restaurants to eat in at good prices now Ainc is killing the island and many small bars are struggling which is a rael shame .so i say lets start a campaighn to start goin self catering and eat in the many bars and restaurants that are here there are even super markets to buy fresh meats and fish so it is poss to eat cheaper than all inc anyway

  6. Frank on Dec 27, 2011

    Anthony, as Gordon says this question has been asked many many times on here.

    We have stayed there a couple of years ago and don’t worry you’ll be OK but don’t expect the Ritz. They are like most other appartments in CT fairly basic but fine.

    We went half-board and found the food to be OK. The breakfasts were really good and much better than we expected. The evening meals were less great, we found something to eat most nights we went in, but be prepared to go out a few times for a change.

    We are drinkers and didn’t use the bars very much. The drink was the main reason we wouldn’t go back there. Cheap local brands and warm lager out of plastic tumblers. Uck !!! There was entertainment but un-watchable.

    Next time you go to CT go self catering and treat yourself to the many great bars and restaurants around.

    Anyway I’m not back till May so I’m dead jealous you’re heading off there. I’m sure you’ll all have a great time.

  7. Esther Oesigmann on Dec 28, 2011

    Some friends stayed at el Trebol a couple of month ago.
    Very basic apartments and food very repetitive most nights.
    wouldnt go back

    • jon read on Jan 01, 2012

      i think the apartments are fine and have stayed here for 5 times in the past .they are very clean spacious and as for the food if you stay for 2 weeks .yes you have the same food as the first but there was a great variety so its personal choice and i like it

  8. peter on Jan 04, 2012

    just got beck from el trebol it is a great place.staff are great and food is very good i recomend this place

  9. anthony simester on Jan 15, 2012

    ok, we have all just returned home
    food is ok but much much better to eat out as the restaurants who are struggling because of the all inclusive are superb.
    at the el trebol i agree its like butlins but not as good
    the entertainment is child friendly but rubbish for adults
    the food is quite good and i have no complaints, the pork wasnt cooked 1 night but everyone can make a mistake
    the drinks out of plastic cups didnt bother me as I was guaranteed a clean plastic cup each time with no lipstick on like in some pubs back home
    the appartments are very spacious but poor, the tv didnt work at all reported 5 times in the 2 weeks no response
    maid didnt make beds just left clean sheets for wife to make bed, i am useless at that
    cleaning what cleaning, left little bits of muck hoping it would be done next day but no chance still there after she had been in, wife cleaned after.
    maid couldnt speak any english but day before we left she was able to say, me not here tomorrow on holiday thankyou, we did tip her but really shouldnt have.
    we went to see what it was like at los zocos and amazed to see how good it was, however if like us you now want self catering after this rubbish experience try sands beach resort 5 minutes away but a different world
    good luck anyone going on all inclusive unless you have children, feel free to e mail me