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what is best airport/resort transfer option for 6 people ?

Asked by: 20th June 2013


19 Answers

  1. Jo on Jun 20, 2013

    Hi Ray, By far, Lastminutetransfer.com. You can go either private with a whole mini bus for a higher fee, or share a mini bus for a lower fee. They give you 3 options and excellent service. we used them twice when we were there last month. Go on do it, you’ll know it makes sence. Have a great time, Jo

  2. Shirley Bartlett on Jun 21, 2013

    Another one for Last minute transfers – very efficient service and easy to book

  3. dave love on Jun 21, 2013

    absolutely agree. Last Minute are the best for transfers in Lanzarote, also very reliable. the cheapest, with no worries if they are going to turn up to take you back to the airport. we have used them over 20 times in the last 5 years
    have a good holiday,
    come on October we will be there then

  4. Peter Lammas on Jun 24, 2013

    last minute are not always the cheapest we have used local firm canal travel for over ten years they do a return transfer to costa teguise for 60 euros for 4 people, they also cater for larger partys and are very reliable

    • dave love on Jun 24, 2013

      Peter, we used to use canal travel when we first started visiting Lanzarote, but then we found Last Minute Transfers who were cheaper, and have been using them ever since (as per answer above) i have now found that Canal Travel offer the same prices as Last minute, which is good for us travellers to have 2 good transfers companies ro choose from at the same peices. “Rafael” who is the main person at canal travel is excellent also that can be the same for “Said” who is also brilliant at Last Minute.
      So now we have 2 transfer companies that are very reasonably priced, very efficient, and will not let you down
      happy holidays

  5. Peter Lammas on Jun 25, 2013

    Nothing against last minute Dave, just always good to have another option. We are in lanz at the moment happy days.

  6. Paul Haynes on Jun 26, 2013


    We’ve used Canal-travel in the past. On our last visit, all was OK on arrival but the minibus that came for us on our return(at 0430 in the morning) either did not show or (as we think), actually came but picked up an entirely different family! Our guess was the driver spoke no English and when he came along he saw this ‘family’ stood outside the apartment complex, said “Aeropuerto”?? and of course that family got in and off they went. It cost us 40 euro for a taxi to the airport and we were lucky to get it being so early. We are pretty certain this is what happened as we were told to stand at one end of the apartment complex and we definitely saw a minibus stop at the other end of the complex bang on 0430am, some people got in and then it drove off. Never contacted Canal about the incident and as the other contributor said, the boss Rafael, is a really nice guy and speaks good english. I would def use canal again but please be 100% certain of the collection point for your return journey as i cant see Rafael the boss doing them middle of the night runs, and the driver on duty will probably speak no english.

  7. EJPM on Jun 26, 2013

    Peter, a return transfer to CT for 4 people at €60 seems expensive. Last year we took a cab and it cost €25 each way (including tip). There were 4 of us in the cab so total of €50 versus the €60 you paid. Am I missing something?

    • dave love on Jun 26, 2013

      firstly how can you get 4 adults, 4 large suitcases and 4 bags for the cabin luggage in a normal taxi???? i have never seen a normal taxi roaming in C>T> that could take that amount
      the idea of pre booking a private transfer, is that when you arrive at the airport the transport is there waiting for you and you do not have to queue or look or wait for a normal taxi. that also says the same for the return journey. if you prebook these before you travel then you have not got the problem or the hassle once you get there. and for only another €10 (if the taxi does cost €50 return) which is approx £8 then why worry when you have just spent over £300+ on your airfare
      we will allways prebook our transfers to and from the airport, and have never ever been let down

  8. David myers on Jun 27, 2013

    The way you fit 4 adults and luggage into a taxi is by using the people carrier type of taxi these are quite common in lanzarote and are usually available at the airport
    Also the taxi rank is closer to the arrivals than any other form of transfer and I have never had a problem

  9. EJPM on Jun 27, 2013

    Agree with David. For us we don’t have 4 large suitcases anyway. We bring two large and four cabin size which is ample for our two weeks. We can always get a normal taxi then. I have been many times and there is always someone available immediately outside arrivals. Taxis are easy to get for the return journey too. I usually walk up to the Spar shop near the square in CT where there is a taxi rank and get in there, tell him I am going to the airport via the apartment to pick up others and luggage and its perfect. Also don’t have the problem of somebody else taking your transport like somebody mentioned above.

    I know plenty who have used last minute and found them to be no problem and much cheaper than a taxi. That is why I questioned the €60 fee. From what I had heard I was expecting it to be much cheaper than that. If not, why bother!

    • dave love on Jun 27, 2013

      somehow we have all side tracked the original question, the question asked was “transfers for 6 people”, and we have gradually gone away from this to talk about taxis for 4 prople. i do not think you can get a taxi for 6 people with luggage, so a mini bus must be the prefered option

  10. EJPM on Jun 27, 2013

    Agreed Dave. I don’t know Canal travel so can’t comment and I have only heard good reports about last minute.

  11. David myers on Jun 27, 2013

    Dave Love you asked how do you get 4 adults in a taxi I was only answering your question

    • dave love on Jun 27, 2013

      David, we were all distracted from peters comments about 4 people, and it just escalated from there. as i said previously this thread is about transfers for 6 people

      • miles on Jun 27, 2013

        Now then, calm down everyone, the question was, what is the best option for six people?, he did not ask for the best price, so therefore the best option is to walk out of arrivals and slide into two Mercedes air conditioned taxis, let the driver load the suitcases into the boot and then drive you to your hotel/apartment, when you are ready to come home get reception to book you a taxi to the aeropuerto, in PDC it will be about 12 to 15 euros each way and CT will be between 20 to 25 euros, if you are wanting to get to Playa Blanca I would say that you could hire a people carrier for the same price and have a couple of days of use out of it

  12. Kitty on Jun 27, 2013

    Hire a people carrier – €165 and you have it for a week.

  13. Peter Lammas on Jun 27, 2013

    Thank god have we all finished, This forum makes me laugh you light the touch paper and booooooooom,. People are asking for constructive information not who thinks they are right all the time, its not a war there’s no prizes we are all on the same side, lets just try and help people to enjoy their stay. We have still got a week left in Lanzarote woooopeeee

    • dave love on Jun 27, 2013

      how are you getting back to the airport peter. TAXI. LAST MINUITE,OR CANAL TRAVEL
      have a great week