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What goes on in CT during carnival in early March please?

Asked by: 9th February 2015

ive just seen that there is carnival in CT , 6-8 March I think. Anyone know what that entails?? Do I need to bring a flamboyant outfit to fit in??


5 Answers

  1. Jane on Feb 09, 2015

    The theme for the CT carnival this year is the Amazon Rainforest. You don’t need an outfit to fit in though.

    • Jayne Chudley on Feb 11, 2015

      I’m really looking forward to my first visit and can’t wait for the carnival. Hope the weather gets a tad warmer.. Thanks for your replies too guys, nice to find this site before my trip!

  2. Tom Iles on Feb 10, 2015

    Jane. Is that for real or a comment on the weather this year? I’ve only been over there for one carnival recently and it was amazing, The procession started in the Las Salinas area and went along the main road up to the Pueblo Marinero. It seemed to go on for ever and the floats were brilliant with plenty of bands to keep things lively.

    • Jayne Chudley on Feb 11, 2015

      Thanks for reply. I’ll pack my fancy costume away again now then!(just kidding!) looking forward to it very much!

  3. Jane on Feb 10, 2015

    Lol Tom. Yes, it’s for real.