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What does an English Breakfast consist of?

Asked by: 21st July 2011

Hi Everyone

W’re Americans and would like to know what does an English Breakfast consist of.

Looking thru this forum, prices seem to be pretty nomial at 4-5 euors. Which approximately six dollars for us.




3 Answers

  1. Sam Roberto on Jul 21, 2011

    Breakfasts would usually include, for a normal size… fried egg, bacon, sausage, beans, toast. Other variations include, hash browns, mushrooms, tomato, black pudding (not as usual though). Also you may see multiples of some items.

    There is a restaurant in Costa Teguise near Las Cucharas beach called La Terazza which does a breakfast (sausage, bacon, 2 eggs, beans, toast, hash brown or chips, grilled tomato and an orange juice, tea or coffee) for 3euros!!

    Enjoy Lanzarote!

  2. gordon on Jul 22, 2011

    when you order your breakfast, ask how much you want, 3bacon 3 sausages etc, its normaly 50c per item.

  3. Fernando Dalledonne on Jul 29, 2011

    Nobody think that at low price is not possible to earn money. So the quality of goods may be orrible.!!!! Do not watch only prize, please. Watch at quality…..