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what do I do at the Traffic Lights between Tao and Tinajo ?

Asked by: 23rd July 2012

Please tell me , what do I do at the Traffic Lights between Tao and Tinajo . The last time I drove this route I stopped at the lights when on RED only to find fellow road users tellng me to carry on . Do I stop or go .




5 Answers

  1. H R H on Jul 23, 2012

    You must stop if the light is red. Remember red is the colour for danger.If other road users want to jump the lights let them do so. Just sit back and wait for them to crash into each other.Those lights are notorious for smashes. Please stop if the lights are red.I am sure you do not want to go home in a bodybag.

  2. Dean on Jul 23, 2012

    Bit Morbid H R H!!
    Keith, i believe you are supposed to stop if the lights are red, but we have always found that if you slow towards them, they will change as you come close, and flash orange like outside a school in the UK. Then you can proceed with caution. Stop if they stay red, the locals are just impatient!

  3. Paul D on Jul 25, 2012

    Ive not been on here for a while ,,but loved this question from Keith.. . Kind of refreshing compared to some of the many odd questions asked here. .
    Keith , , I dont think i have ever driven that particular stretch of road but like you , id be inclined to stop !. . Reds red after all , but there is no accounting for localised trends and obvious colour blindness !,,, lol Always best be safe than sorry ! . . I do tend to find that some of the odd roundabout set ups confuse people too, particularly the bypass around Yaiza which has a sort of off-set roundabout set up . . .or is it just me ?

    Going back to my comment about odd questions , , , An example would be.. (which appears often ! ) ” Whats the weather like there now ” ? , , , Which always strikes me as odd when theres actually a tab on this site marked ” Weather ” , , Just a case of clicking on the tab really id have thought !. . lol

  4. David myers on Jul 25, 2012

    Thing is Paul the web cam is showing the actual weather what more can you ask for
    Talking of odd questions some one asked whats the weather been like for the last month hows that going to help ? unless there time travellers

  5. Kitty on Jul 29, 2012

    I have noticed flashing ambers which appear to be situated on straight roads with no junctions. If you are driving too fast they change to red then change back to flashing amber when you slow down. Can anyone tell me if these lights are simply traffic calming measures?