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What bars would open early for the F1?

Asked by: 5th April 2013

would anyone know what bars etc would be opening earlier on teh 13th 14th April for the F1? as i can not miss the Chinese Grand Prix 😀

I know the waterfront bar is opening at 9am, but i need a place to sit and eat brekfast,  and drink at 7/8am, both days 😛 


7 Answers

  1. Paul D on Apr 05, 2013

    Not quite sure which resort the Waterfront Bar is in …
    I do know that Popeyes is normally open for Breakie in PB and shows nearly all the F1 races..
    Not sure if thats of any help ,,

  2. fast eddie on Apr 06, 2013

    Ha ha. Probably all the small business owners screwed by A I and cheapskates nicking wifi have decided it’s not worth opening for!

    What goes around comes around! The bloke at paradise bar seems well into his sport.could try there. I will be back home by then so will have to watch it in the cold an probably snow

  3. Terry on Apr 06, 2013

    opps sorry Paul thats my stupidness shining through 😛 its in Costa Teguise 🙂

    as we are going AI, we dont have breakie at the hotel we normally go to a great place called “Fuel Stop” but not sure they would be open that early for the Qualy and race 🙁

    i should have never listend to the partner about flying out on Friday, lol sunday afternoone would have been better i think, lol

  4. Frank on Apr 06, 2013

    You might also try the Dolphin Inn.

    I’ve had breakfast and watched a football game in there but suspect they don’t open as early as 7am.

    Not many people will be up at 7 when on holiday !

  5. Terry on Apr 06, 2013

    where is the Dolphin Inn?

  6. Frank on Apr 06, 2013

    On the sea front along from the Beach Bar Camera, Fuel Stop etc.

  7. Terry on Apr 06, 2013

    oh right lol never seen that last time, ill have to take a look when we get there friday 😛 as ill have to go and ask every place whos open early, lol