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What are the must-see sights of Arrecife ?

Asked by: 27th July 2011

I like visiting Arrecife when I’m in Lanzarote, but I usually end up visiting same areas. I walk along waterfront and end up at shops in Calle Leon y Castillo. Are there other areas worth taking a look at away from the usual tourist tracks?


8 Answers

  1. Eric on Jul 27, 2011

    I always think the best must see sight in Arrecife is the road back out!

  2. steve on Jul 27, 2011

    Arrecife is a fantastic place – if you are adventurous! There is the markets on the front and around the old harbour. Good tapas bars, especially around the old harbour.The grand hotel, top floor cafe – coffee and cake for 3.50 and a view to die for. Loads of little shops tucked away on back streets that are dirt cheap.

    You have to be prepared to wander down roads that seem to be going nowhere and you will enjoy yourself. Drop into the small coffee houses and have a refreshment to sample real life here not just the touristy stuff!

  3. Karen on Jul 27, 2011

    Agree with Steve – its a lovely place to just wander around – you can walk out to where the old cannons are just off the promanade – a good place to take pictures then head off to the Gran Hotel for that coffee and cake and that lovely view

  4. David myers on Jul 27, 2011

    Nice one Eric i feel the same

    • Roy on Jul 27, 2011

      Thanks everyone. Bit harsh on Arrecife, Eric and David! If Cesar Manrique was still alive, he’d be well upset. But thanks Steve and Karen, next time I’m in the capital I’ll try wandering off the beaten track a bit to see if I can find some hidden areas of special Canarian character.

  5. Karen on Jul 27, 2011

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy Arrecife.
    On a Wednesday there is also a market held along the front, also try the newest market to open on Lanzarote is the Arrecife Tourist Market, which runs every Saturday morning, from 09.00 until 14.00. Situated in the old heart of the capital, around the Church of San Gines and the small streets that surround it, the market combines the perfect opportunity for a spot of shopping with a chance to try some tapas dishes at one of the many cafes and tapas bars that can be found in this area.
    These are much like the sunday market in Teguise – but without the bus journey !!!

  6. Jules CJ on Jul 27, 2011

    I like the area of Charco San Ginés, make sure you find the little passage way through to the Church called Las casas de los Aguaresíos, look for Callejon from the promenade around “the puddle”. There are some fabulous tapas bars here and in the streets between the church and Leon y Castillo. Find the La Recova market square tucked behind the Ayuntamiento building.

    • Roy on Jul 28, 2011

      Thanks Karen and Jules. Yes, the tapas bars tucked away in the side streets sound just the sort of places to pick up some local flavour and get a feel of locals’ life in Arrecife. But presumably I’ll need to brush up on Spanish phrases in the areas away from the main tourist tracks.