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Were you there last year when we met up in CT for a drink and chat?

Asked by: 2nd September 2015

if you were and would like to do so again, see the recentl question regarding where in Lanzarote. Charles will come up with a time/ venue soon. If you weren’t there last year, feel free to join in this year with like minded people to exchange information and experiences of Lanzarote.


8 Answers

  1. Jackie Wardle on Sep 04, 2015

    We met up with you last year, Kevin. We haven’t booked for this year – so far. My granddaughter off to university on 19th September, and want to be here to see her go. If we do come over, it will probably be mid-October now. So, say ‘hello’ to anyone we met last year, when you do meet up.

  2. Kevin Burton on Sep 04, 2015

    Hi, Jackie, David has not yet suggested any date or venue, so no idea when or where. Let us know when you are coming out. I will still be there all being well. Nice to here from you hope your granddaughter enjoys uni.

  3. Jackie Wardle on Sep 04, 2015

    Thanks Kevin. Granddaughter costing us a fortune, setting her up for uni. Might have to pitch a tent on the beach!!

  4. Jackie Wardle on Sep 06, 2015

    Booked Kevin – arrive 11 October until 22nd October. Yipee!!!!

  5. Barry Dunne on Sep 07, 2015

    Not coming this year to Lanza. A pity. we enjoyed the few hours last year.

  6. Kevin Burton on Sep 09, 2015

    Great news Jackie. Perhaps we can meet up again once you have arrived and settled in .a leisurely afternoon drink in the waterfront perhaps. If you want to meet up ,give a time and date and we will be there.

  7. David Charles Hind on Sep 21, 2015

    hi kevin,will call into the Waterfront on friday the 25th sep at 2pm for a snack and a glass of wine regards dave :0)

  8. Kevin Burton on Sep 22, 2015

    Ok David , Barbara and I will be there.