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weather in PDC at the moment?

Asked by: 28th September 2013 ,

visiting next tue 8th oct-18th


6 Answers

  1. Wendy on Sep 30, 2013

    Beautiful, sunny and very warm. 28 degree in the day 20 degree in the evening. No need for jumpers or cardies in the evening. Bring your sun tan stuff.

  2. Roy Stevenson on Sep 30, 2013

    Just back from a 3 week trip.Weather amazing. Enjoy!

  3. Steve on Oct 01, 2013

    It’s currently raining.

  4. John Trengrove on Oct 01, 2013

    Nothing new there Steve

  5. Wendy on Oct 01, 2013

    Only a few spots which we managed to dodge. Still very warm.we were at famara where they do the surfing and later drove further down the west side to watch the sunset. Beautiful end to the day.

  6. Steve on Oct 01, 2013

    Tbh even when it’s raining it’s still a fantastic place to be. I went running in the rain and it was so refreshing. Today has been very cloudy but the sun is so strong that it’s still very warm and makes it more pleasurable to walk around in. When the cloud clears it’s rather warm, for me too warm!