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weather in november ?

Asked by: 17th July 2016


3 Answers

  1. Michael on Jul 18, 2016

    You can have an idea by looking the link “Lanzarote Climate” on page Weather

  2. Tom Iles on Jul 19, 2016

    Unfortunately I have found you can’t predict the weather in November. I have had both steaming hot , wearing shorts at night, and wet and blustery, having to wear trousers and a raincoat. On average though I would say you have a good chance of having nice weather, certainly a lot better than Britain.

  3. Marian Walker on Aug 08, 2016

    Normally early 20’s can be cool at night, but as Tom says you can’t predict, a few years ago when we were there in November we had the worst weather they had experienced in 27 years, airport closed due to rain and wind we were delayed 26 hours it was just like home hopefully that was a one off.