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Weather in November ?

Asked by: 17th October 2011

Hi All,

Just wondering what the weather is generally like in November, we are thinking of booking for a week on the 21st?

Thanks in advance,



15 Answers

  1. jason grace on Oct 17, 2011

    Good during the day…chilly in evening will need a light jacket or cardigan.

    • Dave Ricko on Oct 17, 2011

      Hi Jason,

      Thank you for your kind and prompt reply, much appreciated.


  2. Paul D on Oct 17, 2011

    Hi Dave.
    Generally youl find its a lot better than back in the UK. Even if its clouded over like today at least itl still be warm. . Ive been several times in November and have had a mixed bag really to be honest !

    The last time i went in November i caught for a glorious week ! Just get it booked !

    • Dave Ricko on Oct 17, 2011

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your advice and as you say it will still be a lot nicer than here in the UK.

      Thanks again,

  3. Karen on Oct 17, 2011

    I went last November – its more than warm enough for a tan to show off when you get back – but as others have said take a jacket/cardigan for the evenings

  4. Eric on Oct 18, 2011

    Depends where you are going. I’ve been to Playa Blanca many times in November and December and never needed a jacket at night. CT and PDC are windier and therefore chillier. Expect 25 degrees or more during the day

  5. Karen on Oct 18, 2011

    Sorry I was referring to Costa Teguise and as Eric says much windier than Playa Blanca

    • Dave Ricko on Oct 18, 2011

      Hi Guys,

      Thank you all for your help, I didn’t expect as much informative feedback so quickly. Great stuff.

      Kind regards,

  6. Eric on Oct 18, 2011

    Where are you going in November?

  7. Peter on Oct 19, 2011

    The official Lanzarote weather forecast is…

    Rain/mm Temp.

    Jan 24.0 20.4
    Feb 14.0 21.2
    Mar 15.0 22.5
    Apr 6.0 23.0
    May 2.0 24.2
    Jun 0.0 25.0
    Jul 0.0 27.8
    Aug 0.0 28.8
    Sep 2.0 28.4
    Oct 7.0 26.3
    Nov 12.0 23.5
    Dec 27.6 21.4

  8. David myers on Oct 20, 2011

    I think we all agree the weather is going to be far better than in the UK but to tell people as Peter as done here is the forecast is not what i want to hear we all know how good the forecasters are, i think it would be far more accurate if we could have some method of looking at a chart of the weather in previous years this would save lots of repeat questions

  9. Karen on Oct 20, 2011

    Try this link

  10. David myers on Oct 20, 2011

    Thanks Karen just checked that link very interesting

  11. Dave Ricko on Oct 20, 2011

    Hi Eric,

    We are going to Puerto Calero. We have been here before but not in Novenber.


  12. Eric on Oct 21, 2011

    May be a wee bit breezy & cool at night, probably long sleeve shirt or jumper rather than jacket. Bars & restuarants by the marina rather than the sea so should be a bit sheltered. Novembers actually my favourite time weather wise but we always go to Playa Blanca which is perfect that time of year. Enjoy