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Weather in December ?

Asked by: 30th June 2015 ,

Can anyone tell me what type of weather to expect in Costa Teguise in december/january ?


3 Answers

  1. David myers on Jun 30, 2015

    The problem is no one knows
    The usual answer is we got lovely weather but the ones who got rubbish weather don’t like admitting it and as last winter proved you can get plenty of that
    Now on a positive note I was there last xmas and the weather was great once the wind died down after the first two days
    Just don’t expect to much and good weather is a bonus

  2. Joe Strummer on Jul 01, 2015

    As Dave says – no-one can say with any degree of certainty. We have been going in January now for the last 7 or 8 years and on the whole – more good days in our week/10 days than bad days – one year we had 5 overcast days and two part sunny another year we had 6 days of clear blue sky with 3 of the days topping 28 degrees – sometimes its been cold at night other times simply cool

    One thing is for sure – It’ll be a little bit better than what you leave behind – got a couple of trips elsewhere planned before it but looking forward to or break in January next year

  3. MATT JONES on Jul 02, 2015

    My experience of the weather in December was –

    cloudy and cool for 3 days (the odd very light shower) –

    sunny and pleasantly warm for 4 days. (20-21 degrees) –

    dark by 7ish with temps of around 16 degrees during the evening and night.