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weather in april ?

Asked by: 5th April 2012


11 Answers

  1. David myers on Apr 05, 2012

    Yea we get weather in April

  2. Michael on Apr 05, 2012

    You should get nice weather.

    April is the starting month of trade winds, so Costa Teguise starts to be windy at this period. Might be a little cold by night.

    During the day, air temperature is around 16c-24c, and water 19c.

  3. john allen on Apr 05, 2012

    And with that wind we often get heavy rain,with thunder & lightning,if you don’t see the sun at least you’ll get rusty.

  4. David myers on Apr 05, 2012

    John at last an honest man

  5. Roy Stevenson on Apr 06, 2012

    Arrived back from Matagorda yesterday Cool NW wind blowing with plenty of cloud during last few days. Change forecast for Tuesday to blue sky and sunshine!

  6. dave w on Apr 06, 2012

    just a thought, but why not look at the weather forecast, or is that too easy !!!!!!!

  7. David myers on Apr 06, 2012

    I am amazed anyone can suggest looking at the weather forecast these people are a waste of time never trust the weather forecast

    • dave w on Apr 06, 2012

      what about pine cones then ??

  8. David myers on Apr 06, 2012

    i think thats what the forecasters use

  9. David myers on Apr 11, 2012

    Roy shame the weather was not to good for you but at least you were honest enough to tell people the truth but yet again the forecasters get it wrong blue sky Tuesday ? web cam proves that forecast incorrect yet again

  10. Mark on Apr 12, 2012

    Just got back was sunny an cloudy an really hot about 25c everyday