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weather forecast for week 4th feb ?

Asked by: 31st January 2012 ,

can anyone advise on local forecast for costa teguise for that week as every web site i look at is different . thanks, jackie


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  1. Michael on Jan 31, 2012

    Weather today was great, sunny and warm in Costa Teguise, around 20c.

    Forecast for your week is very windy but sunny, so probably temperatures between 15/20c.

    Dont worry, weather will be always lot better in Lanzarote than in Europe, especially at this time of the year )

    • David Sutcliffe on Feb 08, 2012

      Beware not all weather reports are born equal

      Take winter weather forecasts and reports for Lanzarote and I suspect other canary isles with a pinch of salt.
      After many winters on this Island I am convinced that due to the local tourist industry’s reliance on winter Sun Sea and balmy evening temperatures there is a conspiracy to flatter the weather reports or at least put a very optimistic spin on them. This is not surprising as without good weather there is little reason to fly 4 hours south to a small rocky island.

      It is not unusual after experiencing a cool heavily overcast february day with a goose bump inducing breeze to see it was forecasted in the northern European press or Yahoo weather as a perfect mainly sunny 23c.

      If in northern Europe you got weeks of sunny days with temps in excess of 20C and
      Lows dropping to a mere 14 degrees you would be sleeping with a fan on windows open
      and just a sheet on the bed, though strangely on Lanzarote the same reported conditions
      mean closed windows and thick blankets .
      Admittedly even though in Jan and Feb you often get a few sunny days on trot it is always cool even cold in the evenings and the
      often strong winds make this worse.

      The real problem on Lanzarote in winter is stubborn cloud and strong winds, (the island can be amazingly cloudy considering the very low rainfall) maybe global warming is to blame as this problem seems worse in recent years.
      As a public service an honest translation of typical local winter weather forecasts is as follows.

      Official Reality
      22 sunny = 19 partly cloudy
      21 fair = 17 cloudy
      19 partly cloudy = 16 heavy cloud

      I have also spent many a winters day in Lanzarotes mainland neighbor Morocco where in the south of the country the opposite seems to be true, ironically a desert dwellers mentality means the odd fluffy white cloud on the horizon is reported as a cloudy day.The weather in Morocco’s southern resort of Agadir is better for sun worshipers due to its much clearer skies and low winds, though the mercury may only say 19 degrees in the shade it feels baking hot in the sun however the night temperatures are even cooler than Lanzarotes.

      To sum up don’t come to the Canaries in deep winter expecting the Caribbean, however if You like walking tennis golf etc in mild dry conditions you’ve cracked it.

  2. jackie on Feb 01, 2012

    Thanks Michael
    I was having a rethink about what to take clothes wise , looks like jeans and warm tops for evening rather than the dresses i was going to take, i had look at webcam and this seems to be the way to go.
    thanks again

  3. David myers on Feb 01, 2012

    The reason the forecast are different is simple they cant forecast the weather you have a great chance of nice weather and lets hope its nice for you but it is the winter months so good weather is a bonus

  4. Karen on Feb 01, 2012

    I was in Costa Teguise last week and the temp according to Buzz fm the local radio station was 21° but the temp in the shade was 24° – its just like the forecast here in the UK – unpredictable – but its warmer than the UK – just take a fleece/jacket for the evenings

  5. Steamy on Feb 01, 2012

    Have a look at the forecast here…


    I find wunderground to be good at forecasting – it gives a 7 day ahead further down the screen too so this may be helpful to you?

  6. David myers on Feb 01, 2012

    Checked wunderground at the top for Lanzarote it states partly cloudy but at the bottom it states clear so thats 2 different forecast for the same day ?

    • jackie on Feb 01, 2012

      Thanks everyone . cant wait to go and to be honest anything is better than what we have in UK just now.
      Thanks again

  7. sylvia anderson on Feb 03, 2012

    Hi we shall be over there on the 9th feb for four weeks. hope the weather will be good it has been for the last 14 years at this time of year that is why we go to this great island.

  8. David myers on Feb 08, 2012

    Just read David Sutcliffes letter and totally agree with your comments regards the forecast and the actual weather what baffles me more is the fact that some people seem to have better weather in the winter than i have in the summer why cant they be honest