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Weather and things to do ?

Asked by: 6th July 2012 ,

I’m heading out to Costa Teguise a week today (Thursday 12th July) and wondered what the weather is like at the moment so i know what to pack. On the webcam’s it looks a bit chilly? Is it hot enough to sunbathe and so i need jumpers etc?

Also, if anyone can recommend any events going on starting 12th July or any restaurants etc that will be great. LOVE tapas if there are any good tapas or fish restaurants etc.


16 Answers

  1. Rachael on Jul 06, 2012

    I’m going on the 15th & have been a bit disheartened by the webcam but at least I won’t be at work!
    Tapas bars I like are Repikada, opposite Celeste Apartments and the one behind Casa Blanca but I’ve forgotten its name sorry.
    There’s a great fish restaurant in the corner of Pueblo Marinera but I can’t remeber what that’s called either and I’ve been there loads of times – I don’t think its name has ever registered in my brain.
    Most of the restaurants are pretty good but I would steer clear of Casa Blanca – overpriced and nowhere near as good as it thinks it is.
    Have a lovely holiday, hope the sun comes out for us!

  2. Kevin Burton on Jul 06, 2012

    Becky, don’t bother packing anything too warm . Pack plenty of bikinis and suntan lotion current daytime max 30 degrees centigrade and minimum overnight temperature 20 degrees
    Do use plenty of. Lotion even if it is cloudy or you will burn. The sun WILL come out have no fear. Have a lovely holiday.

  3. Ken on Jul 06, 2012

    Current weather in Arricefe


  4. David myers on Jul 06, 2012

    Hi Ken just had a look at the website you mentioned but its not matching up with the live web cam pictures it may do later but its wrong at the moment

  5. Ken on Jul 06, 2012

    Which webcam David

  6. David myers on Jul 06, 2012

    Just looked at the one you mentioned its not matching the the live web cam or am i looking at the wrong one it gives detailed forecast for the day

  7. Ken on Jul 06, 2012

    CT beach bar cam you mean

  8. Ken on Jul 06, 2012

    I put on Arrecife weather link not a webcam link, up untill 12.00pm forcast was cloudy so were webcams. Now it says sunny and webcams show sunny !!

  9. David myers on Jul 06, 2012

    No its stated 6-12 broken cloud web cam showed thick cloud no breaks it was incorrect ( i knew was not a web cam link )

  10. Ken on Jul 06, 2012

    Try this cam in pdc facing towards CT


  11. David myers on Jul 06, 2012

    To be honest Ken i prefer to go off the live web cam on this site as its actual, and as they say what cant speak cant lie but as you say they match now so thats what everyone wants, will have a look at the PDC web cam thanks

  12. Becky on Jul 06, 2012

    Thank you very much guys! I’m getting very excited about my holiday, easpecially now i know it’s going to be hot!! And Rachael, thank you very much for the info on restaurants! Hope you have a great holiday too!

  13. Michael on Jul 06, 2012

    Lanzarote is a very strange island when it comes to clouds/weather.

    – 99,9% times even darker clouds will never bring rain.

    – some areas of the island can be stuck with clouds because of the Famara cliff for example, or wind orientation, but the rest of the island is under beautiful sun.

    so dont focus too much on live weather station, its not they are wrong, its just they’re made with data from a specific location, mostly Arrecife airport.

    If you want to see actual weather in Playa Blanca, Puerto Del Carmen or Costa Teguise, check the links on this site (http://www.secretlanzarote.com/webcam.html).

  14. David myers on Jul 06, 2012

    I have found the weather to vary a fair bit when travelling round the island on my last visit to PB the clouds seem to stay well into the afternoon each day yet whenever we drove over to Matagorda they had clear blue sky

  15. Lisa on Jul 06, 2012

    Hi Becky. Dont panic!

    If its cloudy in the morning ( which is not unusual in CT) the sunshine soon burns through. Im sure you will have lots of sunshine so be sure to pack the sun cream. 🙂

  16. gordon on Jul 06, 2012

    just got back from a windy ct, cloudy in the morning but sunny and hot from 11am ish, so plenty of time to do shopping b4 sunbathing.