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We are in CT for last 2 weeks of Oct. Any mosquitos to worry about ?

Asked by: 4th October 2011


15 Answers

  1. Karen on Oct 04, 2011

    I’ve not encountered any in CT and I’ve been most months

  2. John on Oct 04, 2011

    Same as Karen, been most months but never October. However never had any probs whatsoever with mozzies

  3. jason grace on Oct 05, 2011

    Never had any problems !!!!

  4. David myers on Oct 05, 2011

    Cant believe no one as had problems with mozzies as a family holidaying at various resorts in Lanzarote we have had lots of bites but i would think you have a good chance of missing them in October

  5. jason grace on Oct 05, 2011

    Been out there in all different months and never had an issue to be honest. We have a villa out there so been out in summer months many times with no issues.

  6. Eda on Oct 05, 2011

    We have been to CT in March and December been bitten once and finished up in hospital for 3hrs with an infected bite,a Spanish lady told us to take vitamin B1 for a month before we go,now take them and had no problem since anywhere we have been abroad
    ,would definitely reccomend them get the 1 a day one ,Enjoy your holiday.

  7. Frank on Oct 05, 2011


    I’ve been bitten in nearly every country in Europe. I’ve tried the vitamin B1, Avon Skin so Soft, Citronella, anti-mosquito sun tan cream and aftersun, all types of sprays and scent burners etc etc. They all help but I still get bitten.

    I then started going to CT, been about ten times now and have never been bitten. I don’t even take any precautions anymore. If there is a safer place to go in the sun then I don’t know where !

    Have a great time and forget about the mossies ! They wont bother you here.

  8. Don Wilkinson on Oct 06, 2011

    Hi, I have been visiting Lanzarote for many years now – Probably since about the age of 10.

    In my years i have been around 13 times and there has never been a time when i haven’t been biten, the mossies are a pain and always will be!

    I can see why David Myers is the Lanzarote expert, he seems to speak complete sense!

    Go David!!!

  9. Eda on Oct 06, 2011

    i said on my previous answer that i had an infected bite on our Xmas holiday 2008 but could have been something else but we did see mossies particularly at night while eating at outdoor restaurants.We went to Salou last week in September last year ,loads of mossies there rhe locals said it was becuse they had had a lot of rain the week before,we didn’t get one bite and still think its Vitamin B1 that kept them away but maybe just lucky .

  10. Kitty on Oct 06, 2011

    Been going to Ct for close on 30 years and have never been bitten. I’m a bit of a mozzie magnet as I get bitten all the time in the UK and Portugal but have never had a problem in Lanzarote

  11. Colin M. on Oct 08, 2011

    Thanks to you all for the info on the mozzies.

  12. valerie lynch on Oct 09, 2011

    just back got biten twice but not so icthy as the uaual greece ones think the wind keeps them away,had all our windows open at night and had no problem,plus it rained twice when we where there just back on the 6th

  13. David myers on Oct 10, 2011

    Well Valerie rain and mozzies nice to hear a honest answer

  14. Karen on Oct 10, 2011

    I totally agree with you David

  15. Paul D on Oct 17, 2011

    Hi Colin ..
    Just read your question and it sounds like your asking about a particular mossie whos out there ! ,,,,lol . . . I feel like letting you know that theres one particular mossie called Marvin who is a particular nasty peice of work ! ,,,lol

    Anyway ,,if its any help … This below was an answer i posted ages ago to a similar question !


    Interesting answers by everyone !
    Ive always managed to pick up a few bites if im honest, but in recent years in Play Blanca ive been bitten quite badly. And the wounds once they develop from a kind of obvious lumpy bite to then an open sore can look awful..
    I think its variable as to where your staying.. Ive been told that mossies are less of a problem further in land away from the resorts.. Mossies thrive and breed from water, particulary if its a poorly maintained swimming pool ! ! It may not be your pool, but another not very well looked after pool nearby !
    You can buy pop up mosquito nets off the internet now,,which will go over a bed for quite reasonable money … Most bites happen at night when your asleep and it literally takes seconds… none of this chewing on you for ages business ! lol
    The other thing im told which works well… is if you have an appartment or villa with air conditioning….( ive never been so lucky ) put it on very cold before you go out for the evening,, mossies dont like the cold apparently ! ! !
    If youve never been bitten in Lanz by one ,,, Then youve been lucky ! But they are around and they definately have the taste for a bite or two. . lol