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Visa card or euros?

Asked by: 31st December 2011

Hi, we are a family of 4, going to pdc for 5 days, is it best to use my visa card or shall I use euros?

It’s £497 for €570 at the moment in uk

Thanks a lot


10 Answers

  1. david macinnes on Dec 31, 2011


  2. Kevin Burton on Jan 01, 2012

    It all depends who your credit card supplier is. Some charge 2.75percent for every transaction whist others charge nothing eg halifax. If your card has no charges then they normally offer a good exchange rate and it saves having to carry large amounts of cash but if they do make a charge then you should take advantage of the good rates currently available in the uk. I suggest you check with your card provider before making your decision but it is always worthwhile taking some cash for small purchases.

  3. I love Jaffa cakes on Jan 01, 2012

    Will do thanks for that

  4. Karen on Jan 01, 2012

    You can usually get slightly more for you £’s in resort than what you get in the UK – but I appreciate that carrying too much cash is not a good idea – have you looked into the cards tha tyou load with cash in the currency of where you are going?? – I’ve not used this myself but i know that others have and highly rate them.

  5. Bill Rose on Jan 01, 2012

    That seems a poor rate Jaffa. last few days here has been 1.680

  6. Bill Rose on Jan 01, 2012

    Sorry, that’s a typo error, should be 1.168 (dummy lol)

  7. David myers on Jan 01, 2012

    I agree with Kevin the Halifax offer the best option no charge and a good exchange rate and no charge for cash if you pay it of on the next bill, other than that i would change my cash in Lanzarote for the best rate

  8. Mark Michael on Jan 01, 2012

    Hi Jaffa, when we go to Lanza which usually twice a year I use my Santander Debit card which gives a better rate and they don’t charge a fee so long as you use a Santander ATM

  9. I love Jaffa cakes on Jan 01, 2012

    Thank you all for replies, reading them I think changing my money at resort might be the best option as its a better rate.

  10. Kevin Burton on Jan 02, 2012

    Not always best rate in resort. I got 1.18 on line last week from travel fx free delivery next day no charges minimum £500 for free delivery but have to pay via Internet banking. Via bacs. Good luck enjoy your holiday.