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Things to buy shopping in Lanzarote ?

Asked by: 4th April 2014

What did you buy from Lanzarote ?


12 Answers

  1. Angela M on Apr 04, 2014

    Wooden, flat pack fruit bowls and wine bottle holders! About 5 euros each! Nice presents!

    • Steve p on Apr 07, 2014

      I agree the flat pack fruit bowls and wine bottle holder’s make good presents now been asked if we can bring a couple back next time we are out there.

      We did see them on sale here in the UK a few weeks back but for the life of me can’t think where now

      • Angela M on Apr 07, 2014

        Hi Steve
        We got one from eBay for my mum after she admired ours – it looked the same on the website but when it arrived, it was just that bit smaller than the original one from Lanza and not quite as nice somehow. Its a good excuse to go back – not that we ever really need an excuse!

        • Steve p on Apr 08, 2014

          Hi Angela
          Same with us we don’t need an excuse to go as long as my partner does not get roped in to Swimming coaching over a Club La Santa

  2. Gill Blakemore on Apr 04, 2014

    Nice jewellery from the Costa Teguise Friday evening market, fashion handbags and if you’re a fan of Zara, a great selection of fashion wear from their store in PD (cheaper than UK and wider choice!). For people who like cooking, saffron much cheaper than at home!!

  3. Barry Dunne on Apr 05, 2014

    Wooden lizards for my garden wall, all different colours and sizes, i have 6 at the moment.

  4. David myers on Apr 05, 2014

    You could always have a look in the camera shops very friendly staff and lots of bargains
    The only down side you could get kidnapped and never get out

  5. tony rutherford on Apr 06, 2014

    stay clear of camera shops

  6. Steve p on Apr 07, 2014

    Yes stay well clear of the camera shops

  7. david charles hind on Apr 07, 2014


    • Steve p on Apr 07, 2014

      David I wonder how these Camera shops are able to stay in business in a whole week we were there I can’t remember ever seeing anyone in the shop near the Galeon Playa plus can’t understand why the authorities don’t close them down for there rip off tactics.

  8. david charles hind on Apr 08, 2014

    Maybe the message is getting through,and more people are clued up,will be over end of the month and check out the bad ones Steve p