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The Wishing Table Cafe Costa Teguise ?

Asked by: 19th March 2012

Hi,I heard that this german owned cafe had closed down,if this is true it is such a shame because it was run by a lovely couple and was always our favourite place to grab a lunchtime snack or afternoon drink!!! Has it reopened as anything else? We are due back to the island for a fortnight early September and can’t wait but will really miss this cafe if all I’ve heard is right!! Thanks for any updates James


12 Answers

  1. Peter on Mar 19, 2012

    Hi Jamie, if you mean the cafe near the spar and next to the steps of the Nazaret apartments it was open two weeks ago when i was last in C.T. Hope this helps

  2. Sue on Mar 19, 2012

    I’m afraid that you have heard correctly. This restaurant closed down a few months ago and at the moment there doesn’t seem to be any sign of it re-opening

    • jamie on Mar 19, 2012

      Hi, thanks for replies! Yes it is or was the cafe at the bottom of the stairs to the Nazaret! So interesting to hear it was open a couple of weeks ago, presumably by new owners maybe! Any news or updates always welcome!
      Thanks, Jamie

  3. jude on Mar 19, 2012

    not sure how peter was in there 2 weeks ago as it has been closed for two months! defo! and no sigen of anyone else taking it over i’m afraid, it was my little chill out after work place, 🙁

    • jamie on Mar 19, 2012

      Thanks Jude for the confirmation, even if it isn’t what I wanted to hear!!!!
      As you say was such a lovely place to chill and people watch whilst being so well looked after by lovely staff, such a shame! Hope you find somewhere equally as good soon, keep me updated on any developments please on this place!!
      Many thanks jamie

    • Peter on Mar 20, 2012

      Jude did not say i was in there two weeks ago , i was inn CT two weeks ago.

  4. luke on Mar 20, 2012

    Hi yes it is closed real shame the Girl from the here is nursing i believe

  5. jude on Mar 20, 2012

    apologise if i got you wrong peter but you did say it was open two weeks ago and it hasn’t been for a few months now so i was confused by your answer? was just trying to answer original post x

  6. Peter on Mar 21, 2012

    Hi Jude, The Friday before the carnival we were sat on the bench across the road by the entrance to the square , all i can say is that there were people going in and out of the cafe/bar, obviously i did not pay too much attention and never gave it a thought to being open or closed as we have never been in the cafe/bar. Hope this clears up any confusion.

  7. jude on Mar 21, 2012

    well that’s confused me too cos i must have been right next to you lol!! we were all dressed as musketeers, tho my hubby was a girl one! the only thing i can think is that the owner of the locale opened for their own party or opportunity on carnival night! hope you enjoyed it , we had a ball!

  8. Peter on Mar 21, 2012

    Hi Jude, still deaf from the drums.

  9. Sue on Mar 21, 2012

    There’s was lots of activity going on near the restaurant a few weeks ago when they were getting the new car rental place next door to it ready to open. We thought at first that they were re-opening the restaurant so that’s probably what Peter saw.