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Teguise Playa ?

Asked by: 11th October 2012 ,

Has the Teguise Playa been down graded to a 3* and does it have wifi?


5 Answers

  1. H R H on Oct 11, 2012

    Hello Jackie , I have not been to the Teguise Playa myself but I know someone who has and they confirm it has been down graded to a 3 star but it should have been a 2 star.apparently it is a bit of a behind the times in decor and hospitality. As for wi fi you stand a better chance of communicating by standing in a bucket of sand and singing a desert song.

  2. Tracy R on Oct 11, 2012

    Hi Jackie, don’t know if it has been downgraded but when we were there in April it hadn’t. There was wifi when we stayed but only in the reception area. People around the pool were using ipads and phones so must have picked it up there also. The staff were friendly and helpful, food was good and yes the decor in the rooms is a bit tired but the view from the balcony more than made up for it. For people to say it is only worthy of two stars is a bit unfair. We have stayed here many times and are going back again in a few weeks whether it is four star or not.

  3. Peter on Oct 11, 2012

    Hi , Yes now officially a 3* not the 4* as notified by our tour operator jet2 it claims to be on the plaque outside . We have been here up till 2010 seven times and we thought that surely all the works would have been completed by now , but only the top floor has been refurbished , new carpets in bar area that is about it ,Room 202 cracked floor tiles , cracked sink , stains on walls . We will not be returning.

  4. Tracy R on Oct 15, 2012

    Just looked at jet 2 website and they are still selling it as a four star. Not disagreeing with Peter but it seems jet 2 are still taking bookings for four star and notifying clients afterwards. They have not downgraded their price though.

  5. Peter on Oct 15, 2012

    Hi, Tracy . We live just over the border from Carlisle,in Scotland and our travel agent Dawson and Sanderson in Carlisle informed us and offered a refund or change of hotel , refreshing to think there are still companies with ethics and morals.