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Shredded Flag

Asked by: 19th January 2011

Wouldn’t it be better to remove the tatty red and yellow flag from immediately in front of the webcam?

It obscures the view from the webcam


3 Answers

  1. Martha on Jan 19, 2011

    the flag belongs to the german bar next door..

    • carole cooper on Jan 19, 2011

      hiya martha, and lanzarote lovers. the german flag is behind the spanish flag,and they both look a little sorry for them selves.i’m all for national flag waving but only if they look nice.may be the powers that be can resite them so we can see the panaramic vista.did i use some good words there lol. happy hols carole.

      • Jackie Wardle on Jan 21, 2011

        I emailed the website, asking if they could get webcam moved to the left slightly, as the beach is now partially obscured by the roof erected at the bar! We were there last September and loved it. We have the webcam on every morning, and envy those people sunbathing, swimming and strolling about in t-shirts!