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Should I visit Lanzarote or Fuerteventura ?

Asked by: 10th January 2015

Which island is the nicest place for vacation ?


5 Answers

  1. Tom Iles on Jan 10, 2015

    In my humble opinion, Lanzarote. That’s because I prefer places with a choice of bars and restaurants in conjunction with nice beaches. If you prefer huge open beaches and going back to nature then Fuerteventura is for you. Fuerteventura is like Lanzarote but without the influence of Cesar Manrique.

  2. Fred on Jan 10, 2015

    Agree with Tom – Definitely Lanzarote but depends what you are looking for.

  3. Frank on Jan 10, 2015

    Why not try both of them and then make up your own mind.

    They are quite similar in many ways so I think it’s about personal preference. You also need to sample the various resorts on both islands and have fun finding your own favourite.

    I suspect like many others on here, I visited Fuerteventura before Lanza. and I tried out other resorts before finding my own favourite Costa Teguise.

    As this site is called Secret Lanzarote you’ll probably get a pretty biased view unsurprisingly, but wherever you go I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Just make sure you pick the most suitable resort on whatever island you choose to visit.

  4. Marian Walker on Jan 10, 2015

    Like Frank we tried Fuerteventura before Lanzarote but have only been once how ever been 18 times to Lanzarote and another 2 holidays for this year booked so there is my answer. Enjoy wherever you go.

  5. Ian Ewen on Jan 11, 2015

    As the above answers it`s all down to personal taste and what you want from your holiday. Have you thought about doing both islands in the one trip, You can fly to one island spend a week there and get the ferry over to the other island, it`s something I`ve done twice and with Monarch for example you can fly into one and back from the other airport, as I say I`ve done it twice but for me it`s Lanzarote every time now.