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Shore fishing ?

Asked by: 6th June 2012

We normally like to fish off the rocks in Lanzarote but I didnt realise that you actually need a licence there which is 15 euros. Where abouts do you get this from and is it something that be applied for online or do you have to go in person.


Also we normally go to Costa Teguise but we are going to Matagorda this year. Can anyone recommend the best place to fish there ?


11 Answers

  1. michael watson on Jun 06, 2012

    In the sea usually.

  2. Bill Rose on Jun 06, 2012

    Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit

  3. David myers on Jun 06, 2012

    I have found fishing off the rocks near the San Antonio Hotel ok theres a small jetty there which is a locals favorite spot, just in case your not aware if you catch any colourful fish beware as some have a sting in there dorsal fin which can need hospital treatment if it stings you where as all the silver coloured ones are safe to handle, i have never been asked for a licence in 20 years ? hope this helps

  4. Kath on Jun 07, 2012

    Thanks for the info. We have never got a licence either but we are used to going to Costa teguise and didn’t know whether they were stricter in PDC

  5. johnny boy on Jun 07, 2012

    Hello Kath,You can go fishing in Lanzarote with no problems You will see a lot of locals sea fishing and how many of them have a licence ? not many I bet.
    Take no notice of the remark made by Michael Watson. he always leaves sarcastic remarks and stirs up trouble.

  6. michael watson on Jun 07, 2012

    “Stirs up trouble”—get a sense of humour–get a life and to coin an angling term TAKE YOUR HOOK !!!!!

  7. johnny boy on Jun 07, 2012

    Michael Watson read this and digest the contents!! You tend to leave a sarcastic remark to every questioned asked. If you want to revel in publicity then stand in a bucket of sand and sing a desert song Try to refrain from making yourself a pest on this site.
    I am sure many people will agree

  8. mike on Jun 10, 2012

    i tend to agree with jonny boy regarding “michael watson”… although it is good to have a sense of humour, i have noticed that every answer he leaves regarding peoples questions are very non helpfull at all, its a forum where people want serious answers to questions in able to decide if they want to visit this place.

  9. Emma B on Jun 11, 2012

    And back to the question guys before poor Kath looses the will …………. any further info on good boat hires in CT for fishing trip?

  10. Roy Stevenson on Jun 12, 2012

    The old jetty near Los Fariones used to be a great spot for mullet and small snapper but it seems to be off limits now.

  11. Kath on Jun 12, 2012

    Thanks. I think we will have too just walk until we find some rocks to fish from.. Thanks everyone except Michael Watson for all your help!!!