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self catering – real cost in costa teguise and advice re apartments Siroco ?

Asked by: 27th April 2013 ,

Hello, all, i am on the verge of booking a holiday to  the Apartments Club Siroco its the family side that we are booking, what i cant decide is if to go Self catering or half board or all inclusive. There will be 2 adults, a 6 yr old and a 2 year old, I dont want to be doing lots of cooking on the holiday but not sure that the write ups re the food are particular that great TBH, so i need advice re how much meals for 2 adults and 2 kids would cost in restaurants that are quite close to the apartments nd ideas, we have a budget and i ould only really want to spend approx £500 on food for the duration (and that needs to include water, juice etc). I suppose what i really want to know is, is there nice but reasonably priced places to eat out or like so many resorts now adays is it really that the AI options have driven nice resonable restaurants out of buisness. Thank you for any comments in advance. I dont want to book the holiday without been fully informed. Also if any of u have been to the apartments do u have any advice as trip advisor reviews seem to be split as to if there is buikding work etc gong on, now whilst i dont mind basic, i do expect places to be clean and tidy.



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  1. Viv on Apr 28, 2013

    We stayed at these apartments two years ago all inclusive. The apartments are split around two areas and we had a 2 bed around the smaller pool which was much quieter than the other side (its only a two minute walk to the larger pool anyway). The apartment was large and clean and tidy although the living area had a sofa bed which was quite uncomfortable to sit on, let alone sleep on! We thought the food was great – plentiful and hot although a bit repetitive sometimes. We have since had villa holidays in Costa Teguise and have tried various restaurants. The chinese buffet style restaurants are really good value for money especially if you have hungry teenagers! All in all it depends what you want out of your holiday but I would recommend these apartments as we had a great time there. Hope this helps.

    • sarah on Apr 28, 2013

      Many Thanks for this Viv, its good to hear that you had a nice time at the apartments we are all looking forward to it now x

    • Kym Roberts on Apr 30, 2013

      Hi Sarah. We are going to Club Sirocco for the fourth time six weeks on Friday (not that we are counting!). It’s a really nice complex, outskirts of Costa T so fairly quiet but not that far to walk into the town where there are loads of reasonably priced places to eat. Not counting the loads of places you pass on the way! Having said that, we go AI and have never had anything to complain about. If you have kids, at least they can have as many ice creams and drinks as they like and we well remember how much you can spend of those! It may be a bit far for your 2 year old to walk but taxis are fairly cheap. The main thing for us is that it is spotlessly clean, apartments cleaned every other day, towels and beds changed the same and the staff really nice and helpful. Hope this has helped. Have a great holiday!

      • sarah on May 01, 2013

        Many Thanks for that, we go on the 18th june and i cant wait, all i need to find out now is where is best to buy large nappies for my 2 year old, on a thread in another forum (from 2011) said that the spa close to the apartments was really expensive, if its is really expensive i shall bring my own (which i dont really want to do as it wastes space in the suitcase!

        enjoy tour holiday and glad that its so nice that your returning many times.

        Thnaks again

        • Kym Roberts on May 02, 2013

          Our nappy days are long gone now so can’t advise you on that one! However, I will say that unfortunately, in general the supermarkets are expensive – think they realise that there are certain things you have to buy so they will probably be pricey. It’s the main reason we go AI as things like bread, bacon, eggs, milk etc are way above UK prices. The other thing that is overpriced is pop and juice. Going back to nappies, why don’t you cram as many as you can in your hand luggage? But be warned, if you are flying with Ryan Air they are really strict about your hand luggage fitting into the cage before you get on the plane and I swear they are smaller than the ones placed around the airport! We go on the 14th June so may well see you there!

      • sarah on May 01, 2013

        have just realised that we will be there at the same time!!

  2. mike on Apr 28, 2013

    hi sarah, i can give u a bit of advice in terms of self catering as we go every year sometimes twice a year. Costa Tequise in terms of eating out is not epensive at all,there are plenty of restaurants. although we dont have kids, me and the wife have a starter each, main meal, and a alcholic drink and we pay on average 35 euro for the lot, the majority of the restaurants have kids meals and they are cheap so ur probably lookin at somewhere around 50 euro for the 4 of u. now u say u dont want to spend more than 500 on food, is that for a week or 2? if u go self catering then u have to think about all meal times. me and my partner go for 2 weeks and we each take around 600 euros and i stil come back with 150-200, her a little less. from what i have heared off reviews and people who we have spoken to over the years in costa tequise, the hotel food is not great but everyone is different. people do however say that if u have kids it works out cheaper to book AI but it depends if u want to save money at the expence of not enjoying u food.

    • sarah on Apr 28, 2013

      Mike, one of the evenings I would love traditional paella and papas Aguellas with mojo sauce (not sure of spelling but am sure u will know what i mean.

      Do you have any recommendations???

  3. Barry Dunne on Apr 28, 2013

    @ Mike, that seems expensive to me. If you have breakfast and lunch out also it would cost about 700 euro for two weeks.
    We always go self catering, we make sure that where we book has a proper oven and has the uk channels on the tv.
    Our normal routine is to dine in the apartment and watch the soaps(sad) then we go out for a few drinks to watch the world go by. Once a week we will go to a Restaurant and on a Sat we go to a 4 star hotel which is close by for the all you can eat Buffet which only cost 12 euro each. The amount of money saved doing this makes it worthwhile and also my wifes cooking is superior to most restaurants.
    We are going to the Sands next Tuesday so it will be a case of dining out every night(only a 2 ring cooker) for once.
    It will be interesting to compare how much extra this will cost!

    • sarah on Apr 28, 2013

      Thank you for the reply, I cant wait to just sit and watch and play with my boys this is a much needed break and we are looking forward to it.

  4. Kitty on Apr 28, 2013

    We eat out every night and spend anything from 80 – 120 euros for three of us, depending which restaurant we go to.That includes drinks. I personally would not go within a mile of buffet food but a lot of people comment on the chinese buffets being OK so that would be a cheap option to try. There are so many restaurants with various price ranges that you should have no problem finding something within your budget. I’m sure that you would enjoy trying different places each day rather than staying AI. On the other hand though, with AI your childrens drinks and ice creams would be included which can add to your costs quite considerably. Which ever way you decide to go I’m sure you will have a great time. CT is a lovely resort and very child friendly.

    • sarah on Apr 28, 2013

      Aww thank you Kitty, I am hearing really positive things about CT and cant wait to get some special family times x Thank you for your reply

  5. sarah on Apr 28, 2013

    Many thanks to all of you to take the time out to reply, we have now booked for a week in June and have gone with the AI option, although we may still go out and sample some of the other restaurants as well if the budget allows.

    I am looking forward to it and cannot wait to spend some very special times with my husband and 2 children (they are 6 and 2) so AI will be better as includes drinks/snacks during the day and ICE CREAM which they are very excited about, all I need to find now is where we can go play mini golf and then my 6 yr old will be happy.

    i maybe on here again asking more specific quetions such as where is the best place to buy nappies/towels etc so that we dont have to bring them and also as i do with most holidays find out where any charity shops are close buy to donate our 1/2 used bottles of shampoo and towels that we buy, as I hate to just bin them when they can be given to someone in need.

    Thanks again guys

  6. Bob cratchet on Apr 28, 2013

    Barry I would have to question why you bother to go on holiday if your wife is chained to the cooker and you sit there watching Corrie

  7. Milzy on Apr 28, 2013

    Stayed at Galleon Playa last September on self catering. Eating out cost me and wife for main meal and desserts and a couple of beers each about 30 euros. Dearest was 50 euros at Mexican. Booked at Sirocco in 3 weeks time on self catering. Plan is for breakfast late morning and eat out later. Plenty of good choice restaurants in CT. Never tried chinese offers, but will do at this holiday. Always use supermarket for drinks and light snacks around pool area. Normally cheaper than hotel prices.

  8. Barry Dunne on Apr 28, 2013

    Bob, my wife likes to cook and it is her that loves the soaps ,they only take a few hours in the evening which is just about enough time to drink a bottle of wine, and then we go out

  9. mike on Apr 30, 2013

    lol barry, we go all the time self catering to costa tequise for two weeks. we always take more money than we need just incase. for 2 weeks, remembering we have to eat breakfast, dinner and tea everyday thats not a lot. we buy a food shop while we are there so sometimes we will stay in for dinner but never lunch. the amount i quoted was not just for food alone lol its for drinks in the evening (many drinks) not forgetting we are young and go out to the kareoke bar til late morning, its also for snacks, any trips we go on, etc. and we still come home with money.

  10. jude on Apr 30, 2013

    sarah, i collect used leftover toiletries, food, towels etc for the homeless shelter in arrecife ,if you would like to leave them with me when you leave they would be very grateful.it is run by a catholic nun who does fantastic work to feed and clothe families who are struggling during this awful recession.they provide hot meals and shower facilities and food parcels too.
    i own ‘The British Cafe’ in plaza tanderena, if you look for the vaca loca restaurant next to the main market square ( pueblo marinero) we are in the little square just behind there,open from 9 -5 sunday to friday,thanks for your help xx
    hope you have a lovely holiday x

    • sarah on May 01, 2013

      Jude I will try to do that, I think i have just liked your cafe on facebook.
      Good Work, I think too many tourists forget that the places that we visit have sad stories too.

      I used to work in Tenerife and inbetween the grand hotels there was immense poverty and sadness.

      i always try to help out and hate waste, its very unnecesary and sad.

  11. Gerry Kreibich on May 02, 2013

    Sarah – you’ll have a great time at Siroco . . . we have stayed there several times and it’s a friendly, relaxed place where you soon feel at home. And here’s more good news . . . there’s a great mini-golf track actually on site. You just ask at reception for the ball and the clubs and pay a small fee. So your six-year-old will be delighted!

    We went all-inclusive last time, with some reservations (we like eating out and we’d heard the usual things about repetitive menus). But it is amazingly good.- lots of choice at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and absolutely gorgeous soups! The best part for you, though, will be strolling into the poolside bar whenever you like and having a coffee, wine or beer, small snacks – and ice-cream. Have a wonderful time. Gerry.