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Seeing is believing ?

Asked by: 4th April 2013

Just a point of interest really..

As most days when im sat in my office in the UK , I log onto SL just to get my daily Lanz fix from the webcams and daydream a little about being there. . .Especially if its cold and damp here !

I clicked on the weather tab last night and read that there would be a chance of rain today (3rd april ), , so quite naturally expected the webcams to show a bit of a dull day on lanz with the odd dark cloud looming. . . .  Imagine my surprise when i had a look at the cams and its as sunny a day as you could expect. . .  To be honest , ,it looks like theres “no chance” of any rain today ! . .

My faith is restored in naff weather forcasts. . .  Never take them literally , , Just check the webcams instead ,, Seeing really is believing !   lol  



4 Answers

  1. Wendy Middleton on Apr 04, 2013

    I’m always looking at the webcam too and since the live one was added, well…………….. just can’t resist.

    Haven’t been to CT for a while and just can’t wait (7 weeks today 🙂 ) It always seems like going home.

    We’ve walked round from Los Zocos in the rain, stopped at various places for a coffee, sqeezing inside at Eriks so we didn’t sit in the rain, ending up at Playa Bastian to sunbathe.

    Just like here, the weather can change – nothing kept us in the apartment wherever we were.

  2. Joe Strummer on Apr 04, 2013

    Seems to have been dark for a couple of days though…………………………………

  3. jude on Apr 04, 2013

    it did actually rain today, but rain forcast here can mean anything from ten seconds to ten minutes! and the sun was still shining when it was raining lol

  4. Paul D on Apr 04, 2013

    I experienced what can only be described as a deluge on one of my holidays on the Island in the past, , , It was almost biblical and oddly enough i was drinking at a bar with my wife that was owned by a spanish couple called Mary & Joseph ! lol.. The rain was that bad that Joseph offered to drive us back to our appartment. . . ( It was very late at night/early morning and we were the only ones left at the bar. )

    I hasten to add that Josephs driving was very worrying and slow coupled with only one wiper working on his car . . It was an experience thats never left me. . Good ol Joseph ,,!