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Restaurant of Blow Monkey´s Dr. Robert ?

Asked by: 23rd June 2013

Does anybody know the name and place of the restaurant of Robert Howard (Dr. Robert) from the Blow Monkeys?


3 Answers

  1. Steve on Jun 23, 2013

    Looks like it was a urban legend ) See messages on their official : https://www.facebook.com/TheBlowMonkeysOfficial (april 9)

    > Ingo Lamprechtposted toThe Blow Monkeys
    > “Hi there, I am going to spend my holidays on Lanzarote end of April. Does anybody know if the
    > Doctor still owns his restaurant on this island?”

    > The Blow Monkeys
    > “no he doesn’t..and never did.. have a nice holiday!”

  2. Tom Iles on Jun 25, 2013

    Off at a complete tangent but this exchange got me reminiscing about my times in Lanzarote. When I lived there about 30 years ago a friend of mine was a friend of Lee Kerslake, drummer with Uriah Heep, who owned a villa on the Timanfaya complex on Puerto Del Carmen. Many an evening and early morning were spent on his terrace putting the world to rights helped by the odd bottle of Tropical.

    • doktorjakob on Jul 09, 2013

      That situation has all it needs to make me envious. Sitting on the terrace of Lee Kerslakes vila. My first time in Lanzarote was just 1989. And how it changed… But I still love the place.