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Restaraunts & supermarket near Santa Rosa Appts ?

Asked by: 4th March 2011

We are coming to the Santa Rosa Apartments in two weeks time and as we arrive quite late, we were wondering what restaraunts are close by also a supermarket as we dont want to spend too much time wondering around looking as we will be in dire need of sustenance and a beer!!! oh and some provisions.






4 Answers

  1. MrsF on Mar 04, 2011

    If you come out of Santa Rosa and turn right there is a row of bars/restaurants and at the end of the row is the supermarket – it closes at (I think) 9 p.m. … so not far to go for provisions …. or sustenance Enjoy

  2. anthony on Mar 04, 2011

    hi tony stayed at the sana rosa lots of .times ,plenty of restaurants and bars attached to the complex (cant miss them) but dont let this put you off regarding the noise there is a supermarket at the end of the row well. stocked and bakes its own bread open until ten in the evening have a good time

  3. Frank on Mar 04, 2011

    I have stayed there often. AS Anthony said lots of restaurants wothin easy walking distance of Santa Rosa, both left and right. Supermarket is outside and turn right. There is also one if you turn right but it is further to walk and if you are arriving late would not be the best one!

    After you have arrived one of the best restaurants is El Navarro but you do need to book for this one (unless it has changed hands since last year!). it is in the parade of shops on the right as you come out of Santa Rosa. Other recommended ones are Lords, Le Moulin (French!). There is plenty of choice within easy walking distance.

    • Tony Hodgson on Mar 08, 2011

      Thanks guys, I thought we would be OK, but good to confirm. 9 days to go, getting in to holiday mode now!!!