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remember the 3 tramps who used to live on small cove where Timanfaya Palace Hotel is now ?

Asked by: 9th March 2011

No mileage in this nostalgic question, but i will ask it anyway ! . Ive been visiting the island for many years. Firstly to Puerto Del Carmen but then after many years switched to going to Playa Blanca where i still holiday to this day ..

My first visit to playa blanca was in 1993 /94 approx  and i stayed at the Atlantic Garden Appartments which is slightly out of town towards the lighthouse..

My question is … Does anybody else who went to Playa Blanca around that time remember the three tramps who used to live on the small beach/cove where the Timanfaya Palace Hotel is now built ? Theres also a Water desalitation plant at the rear of that beach now.

The tramps had a very small shanty for shelter and late at night you could hear them singing whilst drunk !… Once the hotel was built they were obviously moved on elsewhere. They were never any trouble to anyone as far as i know and were strangely entertaining.

Anyone remember them ? Just curious !