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recommendations for Teguise ?

Asked by: 19th November 2014

We have been coming to CT for years now but have never explored Teguise properly so this year we are – any suggestions / recommendations on getting there (bus or taxi), places of interest (such as spinola palacia), restaurants etc?



7 Answers

  1. Michael on Nov 19, 2014

    Sightseeings :

    – Castillo de Santa Bárbara (Museo de la Piratería), old castle on a hill with incredible 360 view of the island.
    – Teguise market on sunday

    Restaurants :

    – Ikarus, Plaza Clavijo y Fajardo
    – El Risco, Montana Clara 30,at Famara beach (15 min by car from Teguise)

    Bus ? Taxi ?

    – Better to rent a car to go there so you can also visit the Famara beach area.

  2. Steve p on Nov 19, 2014

    The best way to explore is it hire a car

    The markets at Puerto Calero and the Old Town of Puerto Del Carmen are worth a visit to
    I believe there is also a Market in Playa Blanca,

    Timanfaya National park there a restaurant up there where they cook the food over the Volcano

  3. Tom Iles on Nov 19, 2014

    In Teguise town I would recommend the Acatife restaurant just because it’s in a fabulous old building. For authentic, non ponced up, tapas I suggest El Chiringuit. Personally, I would avoid the Sunday market unless you want to buy a cheap t-shirt and love the smell of burger vans.

  4. Steve p on Nov 19, 2014

    Tom most of the stuff you get in Teguise market you can buy at many of the shops down
    Av El Jablillo and in most cases costs no more,

    last time we went a few years ago now the few things we bought we found in the shops in CT as I said at the same price, some of those food stalls can be a rip off too 2 euros for a can of coke when you only pay about 80c in the supermarkets in CT

  5. David myers on Nov 20, 2014

    Glad to hear other people think the market is best avoided
    Just a pile of rubbish on offer keep clear

    • Steve p on Nov 20, 2014

      As I said David you can but most of the stuff in the Teguise market in the souvenir shops in CT
      The only thing that we found there that we liked and bought was some nice Lace and cotton table cloths and runners and that was a few years ago now we went last year to the Teguise market and as you say just a pile of junk,

      this year we did Puerto Calero and the PDC old town market which ok had a few not so good stalls but far better than the Sunday Teguise market

  6. Vicky on Dec 05, 2014

    Thanks for the responses everyone. Got back fron Lanz yesterday and had a lovely albeit very wet day exploring Teguise last Friday but the weather certainly didn’t spoil a fab week exploring the island!